Way of the Tabernacle Blog

Here you will find hundreds of articles that dissect and explain the answers to some of the most crucial questions about the true faith revealed by the Holy Spirit through the scriptures and the Father’s traditions. Questions about redemption, the law and its fulfillment, and future prophetic events are addressed at length. These explanations are based on the foundational truths established by the Father, fulfilled in Messiah Yahoshua, revealed through the Holy Spirit, and taught by the Apostles.

The foundations are completely separate from any man-made religion, including christianity. In these blog posts, you will learn the importance and relevance of the things of the Father regarding the Jewish Wedding traditions, the Barley, Wheat, and Grape Harvests, the Sabbaths (weekly and feasts), and the process for entering the Holy of Holies from the Outer Courtyard–a picture of the true path to the salvation of Messiah’s bride.

The details of these traditions form the basis through which much of scripture can be understood – with congruence and consistency.

You can search for topics by individual blog title, by using the keyword search tool, or you can browse the Category List to find articles related to some of the fundamental topics outlined in this blog. If you have a specific question about a scriptural subject, and cannot find the answer among our posts, feel free to send us a message using the form at the bottom of this site.

Also, as many of the most important doctrines can be found repeated throughout the scriptures, you will find that these posts often contain explanations of the same doctrines in several different ways. Repetition aids learning. Further doctrinal study can be found at the website of our local fellowship.

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