Let me preface this by stating that the “rapture” of Messiah’s bride has been happening ever since the covenant of marriage (“ketubah”) was revealed (Acts 2), which was a fulfillment of the Feast of Weeks (seven Sabbaths plus one day from the Feast of Firstfruits). As those who had been given the covenant died, they were immediately “raptured” (caught up) into heaven, and that has been occurring since the first century AD (it is “the counting of the omer” of the barley harvest).

So, the deaths of those who are Messiah’s bride has accomplished exactly what the corporate “rapture” of those who are alive and remain will (1 Thessalonians 4:16-17).

The more proper term would be “harvest,” as the spiritual barley harvest, which began with Messiah Yahoshua’s resurrection on the Feast of Firstfruits, has been in the “counting of the omer” stage since that first day of the barley harvest in the first century. The end of the counting of the omer of the barley harvest will usher in the wheat harvest (tribulation), which does not begin until the barley harvest ends.

We know that the fulfillment of the Feast of Trumpets (first of the fall feasts) will be when those of Messiah’s bride who have already been transported to heaven via their physical deaths will meet in the air with those of the bride who are alive and remain on the earth. The entire bride will then be taken to the wedding chamber, where the bride will remain until AFTER Messiah’s 1000-year earthly reign from Jerusalem.

According to the wedding traditions, the bride is not revealed until the wedding feast, and that feast doesn’t begin until this earth has been melted down (2 Peter 3:10), and a new heaven and new earth have been created. The revealing of the bride is what we see in Revelation 21:2 (which occurs in the new heaven).

It will be the friends of the Bridegroom (OT saints) and the friends of the bride (tribulation saints) who will return with Messiah to reign as priests and kings on the earth with Him for 1000 years. The bride remains in the wedding chamber for what will be merely a day in heaven (2 Peter 3:8).

With that said, isn’t it amazing that, suddenly, we’re seeing articles in the news about ALIENS?

The purpose of those reports is likely to distract from the mountain of evidence that is coming out right now about the massive election fraud that occurred in the last election, but I believe it will also provide a reason to be given to the public about why a number of people suddenly disappeared (on the Feast of Trumpets).

There will HAVE to be some sort of explanation for the disappearances, even though the number of people who will disappear will be nowhere near what so many in christianity believe and teach.

Only those who have been given the covenant that was revealed on the Feast of Weeks (Acts 2) will be taken at that point; and, as christianity is largely unlearned in what the covenant even is, how it is received, and how one knows he has received it, most who are lost in the false teachings of christianity will still be here.

To be clear, making a “salvation decision,” or “praying a sinner’s prayer,” or “accepting Christ into one’s heart,” or any of the many euphemisms christianity peddles as salvation, will not provide the “oil” necessary to be gathered to the Bridegroom to go to the wedding chamber (Matthew 25:1-13).

But, I think it’s pretty ironic that, suddenly, we’re seeing reports about aliens. Those reports will provide the perfect explanation for some people disappearing suddenly without a trace. And, just as Epstein and McAfee did NOT commit suicide, our disappearance will not be by alien invasion, but by the Father Himself commanding the bride to “Come up here” (Revelation 4:1) on the Feast of Trumpets, which is the first of the three fall feasts (also called “the judgment feasts”).

With all the signs we see that the end of the sixth “day” of man’s earthly existence is drawing to a close (the seventh “day” will be Messiah’s 1000-year reign), and knowing that the bride will be taken to the wedding chamber ten years before Armageddon (which will be a fulfillment of the Feast of Atonement), Messiah’s bride Y’isra-el will likely be taken on the Feast of Trumpets either this year or next.

Since you’ve now been warned that christianity’s brand of salvation is a counterfeit of true salvation, wouldn’t it be wise to seek the Holy Spirit’s truths to know how one is given the covenant (seal of the Holy Spirit on Messiah’s bride), and how one knows he has received it? The covenant is not given by man’s decision or prayer, but by the Father Himself—to those who believe on His Son’s name (Yahoshua=Yah’s salvation), and who confess Him before others (endure in belief).

If you are still here after the bride has been taken to the wedding chamber, you will still be able to receive salvation, but it will be much more humanly difficult. The bride is symbolized by the barley harvest, but the friends of the bride (tribulation saints) are symbolized by the wheat harvest—barley is harvested by winnowing (throwing into the air), but wheat must first be sliced open before winnowing.

We’ve seen just how easy it will be for the Antichrist to lead so many people who lack critical thinking skills (look at the things like the false pandemic and the election fraud), and we’re now seeing the setup for an “alien invasion,” in which some people will suddenly vanish from the earth (in Matthew 7:14, Messiah said that the number will be “few,” and it is impossible to square His statement with the 2.5 BILLION christians worldwide today).

If you hear about an alien invasion in which people suddenly disappeared in the fall of the year, here is a brief overview of what you are about to experience:

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