Just be honest for a moment. I mean, really honest. You know full well there is no way that a period from Friday night to Sunday morning could, in any way, be three days and three nights, right? Admit it. It’s not possible. And yet, you “celebrate” it that way every year. Why?

Not even with the deceptive lies of those who falsely claim that any part of a day is a day could it be true. Messiah said He would be in the ground for three days AND three nights. Jews did not consider someone actually dead until AFTER three days. That is why He waited until the fourth day to raise Lazarus from the dead.

Add to the equation the fact that Jewish days began and ended at sundown, and now you’re left with Him being in the tomb right before sundown Friday (and scripture is clear they rushed to get Him into the tomb by sundown, and sundown starts a new day); so, Saturday night and day, then Sunday night (He rose again during the night before daylight)? How many days and nights is that?

So again, just be honest. There is no possible way that He was crucified on a Friday and rose again Sunday morning. Why is that important? If something that simple, that you have believed your whole life, is not true, then what else have you been taught that is not true?

That’s exactly where the Holy Spirit led me several years ago, and once He did, He started revealing many, many things that christianity teaches that are simply not the truth. And, because of what we’re told in John 4:24, we know that the Holy Spirit cannot be in what is not truth. So, what does that tell you about christianity—if the Holy Spirit cannot be in what is not truth?

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