I have heard this illogical argument so many times! It’s amazing that people cling to this fallacy, and think that it makes any sense at all. When they are told the truth about the false name “jesus,” and that Messiah’s name is actually “Yahoshua,” for some reason, they think merely claiming that they don’t speak Hebrew means that they get to call Messiah whatever name they pick for Him. How ludicrous, and humanly arrogant.

Kim Jung Un is Korean. What do you call him in English?
Xi Jinping is Chinese. What do you call him in English?
Mao Tse Tung is Chinese. What do you call him in English?
Abdel Fattah el-Sisi is Egyptian. What do you call him in English?
Emmanuel Macron is French. What do you call him in English?
Prokopis Pavlopoulos is Greek. What do you call him in English?
Shinzō Abe is Japanese. What do you call him in English?
Enrique Peña Nieto is Mexican. What do you call him in English?
Bashar al-Assad is Syrian. What do you call him in English?

Now, travel to any of those countries, and listen to news broadcasts in their languages, and if Donald Trump is mentioned, he is called “Donald Trump.” They don’t change his name to something different based on other languages.

Why is it that these mere humans are afforded the respect of being called by their actual names, but when it is shown that the name Messiah was given at the direction of the Holy Spirit is Yahoshua, so many christians get very defensive, and try to formulate myriad explanations and rationalizations for ignoring the fact—to the point of many showing abject hatred for His true name.

They come up with arguments based on different languages, as if one’s given name changes because of someone else’s language. What name is on YOUR birth certificate? What name is on it if you travel to a foreign country? As the list above demonstrates, that is an illogical question.

Then, christians will often make the claim “it doesn’t matter what I call Him, He knows who I mean.”

Oh really? Where is that verse in scripture?

And, when that fails, they simply attack the messenger, and accuse him of being in some movement or cult, or that by merely sharing the truth, he is being divisive (which is something the Holy Spirit actually does—He divides between truth and error).

So, what is the basis of christianity’s false belief about Messiah’s name? It comes from mythology. In ancient mythology, Greece and Rome had the same gods, but they called them by different names. Christianity was invented after all the NT writers had died, and was the merging of paganism with spiritual truth.

The progenitors of christianity having their roots in paganism (sun worship, Zeus worship, etc.), and having an intense hatred of the Jews, they simply omitted the Hebrew names in scripture to rid the texts of Jeweyness, and changed those names to Greco-Roman ones.

The most significant alteration was that of Messiah Yahoshua, who, since He was “God in the flesh,” and, to them, their supreme god was Zeus, they simply renamed Him “IESOUS,” or “Yay-Zeus,” which associated Him with a god already familiar to them.

In the end, that is actually the deity of the counterfeit of the faith they invented. All of the days on christianity’s calendar have nothing at all to do with Messiah. Yes, christianity has some truth in it, but it is also filled with error. And, that’s exactly how Satan deceives. He injects some truth into all religions.

Messiah is Yahoshua. There is no other name (Acts 4:12). Can you say “Yahoshua”? It has nothing to do with speaking Hebrew. Names are not languages. They are names. Choose truth, or choose error. There is no in-between.

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