I converse daily with so many different christians who peddle so many different flavors of christianity, not realizing that their whole belief system is a counterfeit of the true faith.

One of the flavors out there are folks who think they’ve got it all figured out, and because they have no spiritual understanding of the scriptures at all, they teach that someone can lose his salvation, either by committing certain sins of the flesh, or by denouncing it (walking away from it).

At the heart of their gross error is a complete lack of understanding of what salvation even is.

These folks, like most of the christian flavors, think that salvation is a decision that man makes—that it’s something man chooses to be. So, in their false paradigm of salvation, the child is the one who writes his own adoption papers, and then declares that he’s been adopted by the Almighty. Is it not easy to see just how absurd that is?

Where most christians get this wrong (and all of those who think that salvation can be lost get this wrong) is in thinking that belief (faith) IS salvation. No, man’s belief is the PREREQUISITE to be able to be saved. If one has belief, and endures in that belief (not falling away), he SHALL BE (future) saved. His belief is NOT salvation, but enduring in belief will result in his receiving salvation.

As Messiah Yahoshua said in Luke 8:13, some will BELIEVE with all joy for awhile, but they fall away in their time of testing (temptation) because they have no root (they never receive the source of life, who is the Holy Spirit). Was He lying? Of course not. He clearly stated that belief is not actually salvation, but that one is not saved until he receives the source of spiritual life—the Holy Spirit. And, Romans 8:9 states that those who do not have the Holy Spirit are not Messiah’s. Plain and simple.

Because so many christians falsely think that salvation is by their own decision, then it would be logical that one could also decide not to be saved. But, that is a false salvation from another gospel (traditions of men), and not actual salvation.

And, most of this spiritual delusion is just compounded by the fact that those who are lost in the false teachings of christianity remain mostly ignorant about the Father’s traditions, for in His traditions, His spiritual truths are physically represented for us.

Thus, the Passover (from Egypt, through the Red Sea, and then to the mountain to receive the covenant) and the way of the tabernacle (from the gate through the Outer Courtyard, to the Holy Place, and then to the covenant in the Holy of Holies), are wholly misunderstood as irrelevant relics from a different god—the “god of the Old Testament,” even though they are precise physical pictures of the true path to the bride’s salvation.

Not understanding that all of scripture is a single volume, and it presents physical foreshadows that are later revealed as their spiritual real substances is just part of the blindness that keeps christians lost in their christianity.

When someone receives the covenant, it is an eternal judicial decree of adoption that man has no power to alter or discard. The problem with folks who think salvation can be lost is that they have no idea what it means to receive the covenant, or how one knows he has received it. They are the people we see in Matthew 7:21-23 who sincerely thought they were saved by their own decision or prayer. But, they weren’t.

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