Does the headline seem a little extreme? It should, because that is the logical conclusion of christianity’s rejection of the Father’s Sabbaths (weekly and feasts).

Let’s see if the fallacious logic used in christianity can be demonstrated well enough for even the most die-hard “I-know-that-I-know-that-I-know” christians to grasp the error.

Through Moses, the ancient physical Jews were given the physical covenant—the Ten Commandments. Now, many christians falsely contend that the entirety of the law of Moses was the old covenant, but that is not the case. The physical covenant itself was comprised of the Ten Commandments, written by the Holy Spirit on tablets of stone, and housed in an ark within the Holy of Holies.

Now, those to whom the physical covenant was given were then given 613 precepts, or ordinances, that mandated many things—so many things that flawed humans were not capable of living up to the law’s entirety.

Within the law there were ordinances that governed HOW those physical Jews were to eat and drink (i.e., Leviticus 11, dietary laws, which are part of the clean vs. unclean laws). There were rules pertaining to HOW those physical Jews were to dress (i.e., Leviticus 19:19, no mixed fabrics, also part of the clean vs. unclean laws). And, there were specific regulations regarding spousal intimacy and other matters of sexual hygiene (i.e., Leviticus 15, again, part of the clean vs. unclean laws).

Also within those precepts were very intricate specifications for HOW those physical Jews were to observe Yah’s Sabbaths (weekly and feasts). There were specific sacrifices, prohibitions against doing many things, and very strict rules governing the times and places such observances were to occur—there were different statutes covering each of the Sabbaths, both weekly and annual.

So, the ordinances contained in those commandments (the 613 precepts) dictated HOW a lot of things were to be done, in a practical sense (physically). And, again, those rules and regulations applied only to those who possessed the physical covenant, which we now know as “the old covenant.” They were the physical Jews (who were also a foreshadow).

But, a better covenant was to be given, as the old covenant was merely a physical foreshadow of the spiritual real substance of the true covenant. And, that new covenant was given on the same Sabbath on which the old covenant was given—the Feast of Weeks, which is seven weekly Sabbaths plus one day from the Feast of Firstfruits (Acts 2).

Those to whom the new covenant (spiritual) was given were no longer under the mandates that were given with the old covenant. The new covenant is the seal of the Holy Spirit, which was foreshadowed by the old covenant—the Ten Commandments. The physical foreshadow governed physical man outwardly, but only as a foreshadow—a physical representation of a future-revealed spiritual real substance. And, in this case, the real substance is the seal of the Holy Spirit, who governs man inwardly, not outwardly. Spiritually, not physically.

So, as we’re told in Galatians 5:18, those who are led by the Holy Spirit are not under the law, which means they are not under the 613 rules and regulations that governed HOW the physical Jews were to eat, drink, dress, have sex, and many other things.

The clean vs. unclean laws were the barrier between physical Jews and Gentiles, as they were given to keep the physical Jews separate from the rest of the world (Gentiles). Messiah Yahoshua’s Passover sacrifice and Firstfruits resurrection broke down the barrier between the two groups (Ephesians 2:14-18).

So, there no longer being a distinction between physical Jews and Gentiles, the laws separating them were no longer relevant or necessary, but were a physical foreshadow of the bride keeping herself spiritually separate from the world.

Now, understand that Yah is immutable, which means He never changes. From before the beginning of human time, Yah’s Sabbaths were set apart as HIS days. He always delineates between His laws and His Sabbaths (Ezekiel 20:11-12). As part of the law of Moses (the 613 precepts), Yah commanded HOW the physical Jews were to observe His Sabbaths, just as He had commanded HOW they were to eat, drink, dress, and have sex.

Along came the invention of christianity, which wasn’t even codified until the fourth century, and it abolished the Father’s Sabbaths, replacing them with pagan counterfeits (SUNday assembling, christ-mass, easter/ishtar, etc.). By declaring that Yah’s Sabbaths are no longer relevant to believers, the logic used must necessarily also abolish all eating, drinking, clothing, and intimacy between spouses.

That’s the logic, folks, and literally billions of unwitting, spiritually ignorant folks have fallen for christianity’s lies about the Sabbaths.

Since the law mandated how the physical Jews were to eat, drink, dress, have sex, and observe the Sabbaths, if the nailing of those laws to the tree ended the Sabbaths, then it also ended eating, drinking, dressing, and having sex. It’s that simple!

The commandments found in the law of Moses (613 precepts) applied ONLY to the physical Jews—those who had the physical covenant. But, that was only a physical foreshadow of something that would later be revealed. And, it was revealed in Acts 2 on the Feast of Weeks, when the new covenant was given to Messiah’s bride.

That means that nobody is under the laws that were given to those who possessed the old covenant, because those laws were merely a physical foreshadow of the work of the Holy Spirit in the bride (His seal is the new covenant). There is no longer any distinction between physical Jews and Gentiles, so there are no longer ANY clean vs. unclean laws (which includes the dietary laws).

And, those to whom the new covenant is given (seal of the Holy Spirit) are Messiah’s bride, and they are the true Jews (yahudiy), comprising the true Y’isra-el (Romans 11). And, to whom does scripture tell us Yah gives His Sabbaths forever? They are given to the children of Y’isra-el, and Messiah’s bride is the spiritual real substance of Y’isra-el.

Certainly it can be seen easily that removing the ordinances contained in the commandments of the law of Moses didn’t end all eating, or drinking, or dressing, or having sex. Therefore, that same removal of ordinances did not end Yah’s Sabbaths.

Yah’s people are simply not commanded HOW they are to do those things. There is freedom in the Holy Spirit to choose according to one’s conscience how he will identify with the Father by acknowledging and honoring His ordained Sabbaths.

To equate that freedom with the idea that it ended Yah’s ordained Sabbaths is not only error, it is human arrogance (which christianity is full of), thinking that man has the power or authority to dictate which days are to be set apart as Yah’s holydays, and which days are not.

No, Yah is the one who ordained His days, and He never changes. Thus, His days never change either, which is why He said that He gives His Sabbath as a sign to His people forever. For some reason, christianity thought it could legitimately do away with that which Yah said is forever.

And, that’s why Paul said in Colossians 2:16-17 that nobody is to judge anymore HOW others eat or drink, or how they choose to honor Yah’s Sabbaths (that includes all of them—weekly AND annual). There are no longer rules and regulations dictating HOW the Sabbaths are to be observed.

But, claiming that it means there are no longer Sabbaths is also stating that eating, drinking, dressing, and having sex were all ended at the cross.

Moreover, Paul said that the Sabbaths are a shadow of things THAT ARE TO COME. The prophetic calendar is revealed in the Sabbaths. To reject the Sabbaths is to reject the prophetic information contained in them. That is why there are so many different “end times” interpretations under the umbrella of christianity, the counterfeit of the true faith.

Christianity lacks the compass of spiritual discernment found in the Father’s traditions.

When the truth is understood, christianity’s false teachings are shown to be the illogical, unscriptural, wranglings of religious lost men that they are.

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