A counterfeit is not merely a different version of something, it is a copy with clear intent to deceive. It is a fake that is cleverly crafted so as to make people believe it is the real thing.

Satan is the most brilliant counterfeiter ever to exist. Those who are fooled by his counterfeits will swear they are embracing truth–they’ll even foolishly stake their eternities on them. But, once the counterfeit is held up to the Light of Truth, the differences can be seen by those who are genuinely seeking to see them.

Satan’s counterfeits are so exquisite that, often, he is able to blind people so that they cannot even see the differences that exist, and, in their blindness, they will continue to cling to the fake, and fight against the truth.

Christianity is, without doubt, his greatest counterfeit. There are more than 2 BILLION christians on the planet, and yet, Yahoshua the Messiah said of life in Him, “ . . . and few there be who find it.”

Since the Holy Spirit led us OUT of christianity and its “church,” He has been illuminating our hearts and minds to His truths more and more, so that we are able to see the clear distinctions between His truth and christianity. The greater the knowledge of the truth, the more glaringly false the counterfeit will be.

And yet, nearly daily, as I converse with christians, they either denounce the Holy Spirit’s truths as “heresy,” or they claim they really can’t see much difference between His truths and the christianity they embrace—a belief system that rejects the cornerstone of salvation (Passover), and celebrates what is clearly a pagan counterfeit (easter/ishtar).

Messiah: born on the Feast of Tabernacles (in the Fall each year)
Counterfeit: born on the Christ-mass, December 25 (sun god’s birthday)

Messiah: died on Passover (a Wednesday that year)
Counterfeit: died on Good Friday

Messiah: rose again on the Feast of Firstfruits (during the night)
Counterfeit: rose again on Easter/Ishtar (at dawn)

Messiah’s people: assemble on the Father’s Sabbath each week (seventh day)
Counterfeit: assemble on the venerable day of the sun (first day)

Messiah’s people: “called out assembly,” the bride, whose name is Y’isra-el
Counterfeit: Circe (church), daughter of the sun god

Messiah: Yahoshua (Yah’s salvation)
Counterfeit: Yay-Zeus (jesus)

Salvation: declared personally and directly to the believer by the Holy Spirit
Counterfeit: declared only by man who then falsely claims it’s the Holy Spirit

More than 2 BILLION christians on the planet identify with “jesus,” but the Bridegroom is Yahoshua the Messiah, and the path to salvation in Him is found in the Passover. That’s why Revelation 17 refers to christianity as “the great whore of Babylon.”

Most of christianity’s holydays come from the traditions of ancient Babylon (christ-mass, easter/ishtar, Sunday assembling—all come from the traditions established by Semiramis, who was Nimrod’s mother and wife).

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