The path to the redemption of Messiah’s bride begins with the Passover. That was the starting point of the Israelites being brought out of Egypt (the world), and eventually receiving the physical covenant at Mt. Sinai. They were prepared to receive that covenant by the sacrifice of the lamb, whose blood was placed upon their houses, and that is shown by the brazen altar in the tabernacle’s Outer Courtyard.

They then went through the Red Sea, which represents the invitation for spiritual cleansing that comes by the Holy Spirit, and is shown by the laver in the Outer Courtyard.

Both of these are in the Outer Courtyard of the tabernacle, and represent what man is to do to receive salvation; and the redemption of the bride is both spiritual life (the dead spirit being resurrected to newness of life) and the covenant of marriage to Messiah. Messiah’s bride being sealed by the Holy Spirit is symbolized by the Ark of the Covenant in the Holy of Holies.

Not only does christianity stop the path to salvation, remaining in the outer courtyard (the sacrifice and water baptism), it virtually rejects the actual beginning of the process—THE PASSOVER—and chooses, rather, to celebrate a pagan fertility ritual that has never had anything to do with Messiah (easter/ishtar). Many christians see the Passover as having nothing to do with them—as “old testament,” and “only for the Jews.” They don’t even understand who the true Jew is (Romans 2:29).

Not knowing who the true Jew is, they don’t even realize they have never been made children of the Most High God—they have never been taken into the Holy Place or the Holy of Holies. They have not been given spiritual life by the Holy Spirit, or the covenant of marriage to Messiah.

They are who we see in Matthew 7:21-23. They believe with all their hearts that they are saved—but, they have never received the evidence that they have been adopted. They have never actually started at the beginning of the whole adoption process, which is the Passover—the PREPARATION.

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