Nearly all who are in christianity will openly call Messiah Yahoshua (whom they falsely call by a name invented by men—“jesus”) the “Lamb of God.” But, at the same time, they reject the reason He is called the Lamb—Passover.

They will vehemently demand that the Father’s ordained days (Sabbaths) were somehow ended at the cross, even though three of the four fulfilled feasts were fulfilled AFTER the cross—Unleavened Bread (burial), Firstfruits (resurrection), and Weeks (covenant), and there are still three more feasts to be fulfilled—Trumpets (wedding of Messiah), Atonement (Armageddon), and Tabernacles (millennial reign).

They also have a difficult time explaining why the apostle Paul is shown in scripture observing the Sabbaths and teaching them to the Gentile converts. They falsely conflate the law and the Sabbaths, because christianity, the counterfeit of the true faith, has deceived them, just as our mainstream media constantly lies to the people and gaslights them to believe outright falsehoods and dismiss truths as “conspiracy theories.”

The law given through Moses consisted of 613 ordinances that mandated HOW the physical Jews were to eat, drink, dress, have spousal intimacy, and observe the Sabbaths (and many other things). So, if the Sabbaths were ended, then so, too, were eating, drinking, dressing, and sex. It is illogical to state that ending the mandates concerning HOW things were to be done ended the things themselves.

To make matters even worse, instead of honoring the annual Sabbath around which the entire Gospel is based (Passover), they choose to celebrate a pagan fertility ritual that comes from Babylonian sun worship (like most of christianity’s holydays). Instead of believing exactly what the scriptures tell us—that Messiah Yahoshua rose again during the night on the Feast of Firstfruits, they choose to honor a ritual of sun worship—the easter/ishtar sunrise service, which wrongly suggests a resurrection at dawn.

The false easter/ishtar narrative also injects a completely ridiculous notion of a Friday (sixth day) crucifixion, which is to deceive people away from the true crucifixion that occurred on Passover, and which fell on the fourth day of the week that year.

Most in christianity are easily deceived because they have no knowledge of the Sabbaths, and don’t even realize that, on the week of Messiah Yahoshua’s crucifixion, there were actually three Sabbaths (Passover, Unleavened Bread, and the weekly Sabbath), or that the first day of the following week began with the Feast of Firstfruits, which is also a Sabbath (and the first day of the barley harvest).

Apart from the Passover, there is no redemption. THAT is why Messiah Yahoshua is Yah’s perfect Lamb. And yet, so many who are lost in the false teachings of christianity will foolishly proclaim days tied to Babylonian sun worship as their holydays (SUNday assembling, christ-mass, easter/ishtar, etc.).

Easter has no Lamb; it has bunnies and eggs. Merely declaring that easter/ishtar has anything to do with Messiah Yahoshua’s resurrection on the Feast of Firstfruits is to declare a blatant lie. Sadly, that’s what occurs in pulpits across the world, as christianity peddles its counterfeit of the true faith.

To understand the salvation of Messiah’s bride, who are the only ones given the covenant (“ketubah”), one MUST understand the Passover. Tragically, the true foundation of the faith is not what christianity embraces (“we preach Messiah crucified”—which is the Passover).

It is the saddest example of cognitive dissonance to reject the Passover, and embrace a pagan fertility ritual as having anything to do with Yah’s perfect Passover Lamb.

It cannot be repeated enough: apart from the PASSOVER, there is no redemption.

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