Now, is this matter one of significant importance to one’s justification? No. Is it a matter of significant importance to one’s sanctification? Maybe, depending on the basis of the question. But, those issues aside, what this topic does is expose an important truth about common christian thought. And, that form of thought is what pervades much of christianity.

Within christianity, it is common for someone to say that “I know that I know that I know” that something is true, based only on the fact that it is what he has been taught by christianity (the “church”). When it is shown that scripture has been misinterpreted, or blatantly misrepresented, those with that mindset will often deny the truth, and cling desperately to the “I know that I know that I know,” even when what they “know” is shown to be false.

The mindset toward alcohol in much of American christianity is tied to Prohibition of the 1920s, and the fundamentalist christians who preached that drinking, in any form, is sin. That is a clear bastardization of scripture, and a blatant spiritual lie. But, it has been taught in so many christian circles for so long, that there are many christians who falsely claim that all drinking is sin, and when shown the truth, they just retreat back to false interpretations of scripture, or use anecdotal evidence of someone who lacked self-control, and was a drunk.

Many of those same people will post memes all day long about the absurdity of the liberal “gun-control” argument, stating correctly that guns do not kill people. But, they don’t see the irony that their argument about wine is that it makes people drunk. No, the lack of self-control makes people drunk. If you have no self-control, then by all means, abstain. But, your lack of self-control does not dictate a spiritual standard for others.

The fact is, scripture nowhere calls drinking alcohol a sin, so stating that it does is a clear violation of truth. And, if you find yourself in that camp—that you think that drinking is a sin, even though scripture is clear that it is not—then, you are indeed one who needs to examine everything you believe, for that is the mindset that keeps people in the counterfeit called christianity, even when shown that it is not what the New Testament believers embraced or practiced, and was invented in the fourth century by stripping the true faith of its actual foundations.

The bottom line is, if you think that drinking alcohol is defined in scripture as “sin,” then you’ve got a lot of other spiritual problems that need to be addressed by the Holy Spirit in your life. I’d be happy to walk that journey with you. Just ask.

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