If you’re preaching physical obedience to the Ten Commandments, you’ve missed the point completely. You’re seeing physically, and not spiritually.

What did Paul say they preached? “We preach Messiah crucified.” He didn’t say, “We preach obedience to the Ten Commandments.”

The Ten Commandments are physical—they apply to the physical man, the flesh. They were only a foreshadow of something far greater, and that is spiritual governance through “keeping” (holding, guarding, possessing) the real substance of the Law, who is the Holy Spirit.

So, if you think you’re impressing the Creator by telling everyone else that they must obey the Ten Commandments, or any other precept the Father sets forth for His children, then you’re mistaken. The goal is receiving the Covenant, not physical obedience to commandments.

To whom do the commandments apply? They were the physical covenant. What is the spiritual covenant? Those who have the spiritual covenant HAVE the physical covenant written on their hearts and minds—and He goes far deeper than the physical! “Don’t murder” (physical) becomes “don’t hate” (spiritual). “Don’t commit adultery” (physical) becomes “don’t lust” (spiritual).

Nobody receives the covenant because of obedience to commandments—just ask the rich young ruler. So, instead of preaching obedience to commandments (which is what the Pharisees did, and what the Hebrew Roots and SDA cults do), proclaim Messiah Yahoshua, and His sacrifice as the only hope for salvation anybody has. Nobody is saved because of obedience to commandments—and, nobody is saved until the Holy Spirit tells him he has been adopted as a child of Yah.

If one has not received the confirmation of the Holy Spirit, then seeking HIM through belief and confession of Messiah is the order of the day, not telling others to obey the Ten Commandments.

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