There are many within christianity who peddle the notion that the KJV translation of men is something that it is not—they elevate it to the role and authority of the Holy Spirit, which is a form of idolatry.

One of the blatant perversions of scripture they use to promote their heresy is Psalm 12:6-7, where the psalmist speaks of the “words of Yah” being “preserved forever.” The KJVO cultists make an illogical leap, because of an ignorance of the meanings of actual words in scripture, and they claim that the verse means that the Creator preserved their “bible” forever.

First, the word there in the Hebrew is “imrah,” and that word generally means any words. In fact, in ancient Hebrew, what I am writing right now are “imrah” – words, or utterances. But, more specifically, the imrah, or “words,” that David is speaking of is the Torah—the law—the commandments. David wrote much in the Psalms about the law, because the written law is a foreshadow of the Holy Spirit.

So, when David states that Yah’s words are preserved forever, He is speaking of the Holy Spirit and His work in Yah’s people. He is the fulfilled Law that indwells Yah’s children, and He is certainly eternal. David had only the foreshadow. The Holy Spirit inspired him to write within the images of the foreshadow, but the spiritual real substance was later revealed.

What sheer arrogance to believe that David, by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, was speaking about an English translation of scripture that is a work of men. And, often when those who believe such nonsense are called out for the idolatry it is, the ferocity with which they pervert and distort a lot of scripture belies any true spiritual understanding on their part.

Those who place their KJV in a role of spiritual power and authority abdicate the position reserved only for the Holy Spirit, and demonstrate evidence that they have never had any part in the Holy Spirit or the instruction He gives to Yah’s true children.

They will be so disappointed on that day, when they stand before the Father, and offer their KJV as the reason He should let them into His heaven. What a sad day that will be for so many!

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