If you believe the difference between fake Jews and real Jews has ANYTHING to do with bloodline or geography, you’ve missed the entire point. If you focus any energy on the conspiracy theories surrounding certain physical Jews vs. other physical Jews (or those who some claim are lying about being physical Jews), then your sight is physical, and you have no spiritual understanding. If someone is a “pastor” or a “teacher,” and he does such things, that is false teaching, and is spiritually reprehensible.

If you think that the physical earthly nation of Israel are “God’s people,” or that physical Jews have their own covenant, then you are misled and deceived. In Messiah, there is neither [physical] Jew nor Gentile. The covenant is given to the bride. Her name is Y’isra-el, and she is made up of true Jews (Romans 2:29, Romans 11). That has nothing to do with anything physical—neither bloodline nor geography. It is those who are indwelt by the Holy Spirit who are the spiritual seed of Abraham (Galatians 3:28-29).

The earthly nation is not the real substance, but only a foreshadow. Actual spiritual understanding (the understanding that comes from the Holy Spirit) reveals what is physical, what is spiritual, and the correlation between the two.

Most people (even christians) do not have that understanding, and that’s why we see so many christians who don’t understand who true Y’isra-el is, or who true Jews are. They are deceived by their religion, which is a counterfeit of the true faith (and was invented because of bitter hatred against an entire race of people—the physical Jews).

Yah is not completely done with the physical Jews yet, as there will be 144,000 of them (virgin men) who will be sealed by the Spirit during the tribulation. But, the bride will be gone by then—so, those who focus any energy on proving one group of physical Jews are fake and another group are true, are far from spiritual truth, and are not seeing what the Holy Spirit instructs. Their heart is set on the world, and not on the Spirit, so their sight is carnal, and not spiritual.

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