For those who claim that Messiah’s actual name is unimportant—that, whatever we call Him, He knows who we mean . . . ummmm, can you please show me that verse?

Acts 4:12 is clear that He has only one name, for there is NO OTHER NAME under heaven given among men whereby we must be saved. It appears the writer of the Book of Acts thought it was important enough to say there is ONLY ONE NAME (that’s what “no other name” means).

And, think about it for a minute . . . when Acts 4:12 was written, the name “jesus” didn’t even exist. So, there is no possibility that the name spoken of there could have been “jesus.”

Yet, so many christians will proclaim that there is “power” in a name that was invented by men, not even understanding that the name was devised by pagan christians who hated Messiah’s Jewish heritage, and who crafted a different name that would associate Messiah with their supreme pagan god, Zeus.

Messiah is a Jew, both physically and spiritually; and His bride is made up ONLY of those who are Jews spiritually—Romans 2:29, Galatians 3:28-29.

Consider this also, if Messiah’s name had been the Greek invention “iesous,” it would have been understood by every Jew to be a Gentile name, for it is of Greek origin, and not Hebrew.

And, if He had a Gentile name, the Jews would have NEVER allowed Messiah into the temple. Gentiles were forbidden entrance inside the temple—there was an area outside the temple designed for Gentiles, but they could not go inside the temple.

Now, with the physical temple being a foreshadow of the spiritual temple, who is the bride, can you not see how facetious such a claim is—since He would not have been allowed into the temple because He had a Gentile name? He definitely was given entrance into the temple, by many scriptural accounts (Mark 11:11, et al). And, ONLY purebred Jews were allowed into the temple.

In fact, under the law, it was required for Jews to have a genealogical record going back at least ten generations to prove there were no “bastards” (one Jewish parent and one Gentile parent) in their line (Deuteronomy 23:2). Anyone who had such a person in their genealogy—going back TEN generations—could NOT be part of the assembly (which means, they could not enter the temple).

Now, do you really believe that, under such circumstances, the Jewish leaders would have allowed somebody with a Gentile name to enter the temple?

No, it is not possible, which means it is not possible that Messiah’s name was ever “iesous,” meaning that it could not have been “iesum” in the Latin Vulgate, nor “iesus” in the KJV 1611 AV, nor “jesus,” in the modern translations of men (remember, the letter J wasn’t even invented until the 15th century, and it did not appear in published literature until the 17th century—moreover, there is no letter J or even a J sound in Hebrew OR Greek).

Messiah’s name is YAHOSHUA, which means “Yah’s salvation.” He was named Yahoshua because He will save His people from their sin (Matthew 1:21).

Now, can someone come to knowledge of the truth, and be led by the Holy Spirit, through belief in WHO Messiah IS, to saving belief (receiving the covenant)? Certainly. But, there is truth, and there is error. Once one is shown the truth, choosing to cling to error is sin.

Why would any believer ever willfully choose what is false over what is true?

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