In christianese, the practice of “witnessing” has become something of a membership drive—trying to get people to agree to join a club. It looks to physical results—prodding someone into “making a decision.” That is not salvation, even though many claim that they “led so many people to the Lord,” when all they did was get someone to go through their prefabbed actions.

What did Paul say? He preached Christ crucified. What did the early disciples do? They went house to house “breaking bread,” which was a euphemism for the Seder. They taught the Passover. That is the path to salvation.

It is the believer’s duty to share the Spirit’s truths in love. It is not the believer’s duty to look for results. The believer has no power over results, as only the Holy Spirit can draw people to salvation. The Spirit uses His truths that are shared by those He leads. It is not the believer’s job to get someone to DO anything.

One who has the Holy Spirit is to share Him with others, which is the process of spiritual reproduction, but it is only the Holy Spirit who can control any genuine spiritual transaction. The believer is merely to share His truths, and allow Him to do the rest.

It is belief, and confession of Messiah before men. Period. It is the Holy Spirit who is given as the covenant, and that will only happen according to Yah’s timing, not man’s. So, TEACH THE PASSOVER, it’s the best “Gospel” message available. Still.

For more information: The Preparation Day IS Passover

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