For me, it took ONE.

A number of years ago now, I was faced with an issue that ended up exposing my entire belief system as a counterfeit. Talk about a radical realization! There was some idiot online who was claiming that something most all christians believed—was actually false. Well, not being one to shy away from a debate, especially something so integral to my life, and the lives of billions of others, I set out to prove that idiot to be entirely wrong.

Guess what happened? After some simple research, I discovered that the idiot was actually right, and I was the one who had been deceived all my life. Of course, those who know me know that the discussion was about christ-mass.

But, what happened when I repented (changed my mind) of that one belief? It opened a door, ever so slightly, through which the Holy Spirit was able to illuminate my understanding to see how many other lies I had actually believed through the years—lies that christians everywhere believe.

And, as if it weren’t humbling enough to realize I had been duped by a pagan holyday, it turns out that the entire foundation of christianity was built on lies and deceptions, and that the entire belief system is a counterfeit of the true faith.

So, let’s list some of the most easily exposed lies:

SUNday assembling = LIE

Good Friday = LIE

Easter = LIE

Christmass = LIE

Hanukkah = LIE

Church = LIE

Sinner’s prayer = LIE

Decisional regeneration = LIE

“The LORD” as a name = LIE

“God” as a name = LIE

The name “jesus” = LIE

Each one of these things can be shown, both scripturally and historically, to be counterfeits of actual truths. And, consider this—the entire counterfeit belief system was invented by Satan, and he accomplished it using one of his trademark tools of the flesh: hatred of a racial group.

He used hatred toward the physical Jews (who were only a foreshadow of Messiah’s bride) as the impetus for abolishing the Father’s traditions (those traditions never belonged to the physical Jews; they have always belonged to the Father, whose name is Yah).

Now, as all of these deceptions were crafted because of the same fleshly reason (hatred of the Jews), and christianity being the result of that carnal animus, coming to the understanding that even ONE of those beliefs is a lie should lead those who are faced with this truth to abandon the whole counterfeit, and to seek to know the genuine truths of the Holy Spirit.

And, why does it matter? The deceptions crafted by the early christians, in an effort to separate themselves fully from anything they deemed to be Jewey, actually obscure the true path to salvation.

And, if the path to salvation you have believed is not the actual path, that means your entire eternity rests upon your finding the truth, and rejecting the lies, even though they have been pounded deeply into who you are, and have given you a false sense of security for so many years.

So, how many of the things you believe right now would you have to be convinced were actually false for you to allow the Holy Spirit to audit your entire belief system? It should take only one, but for you, how many would it take?

Once I acknowledged that I had believed one lie, the Holy Spirit then opened an entire vista of truth before me that I never even knew existed when I was a christian (and that was a period of approximately five decades).

If you can see that one of those things is a lie, then consider why the lie was created, and then ponder how many other things you’ve believed that are also lies.

Yes, your eternity depends on it. Will you allow your arrogance in thinking you already know the Holy Spirit’s truth to keep you in that tragic group of people who clearly thought they were saved, but who hear “Depart from Me, I never knew you” (Matthew 7:21-23)?

Now, THAT would be a real tragedy, for the Holy Spirit has revealed this to you today. And, if you do reject these truths, this post (at a minimum) will be shown to you at your judgment, for Yah is just, and He will show people that His truths were shared with them, but they ignorantly rejected them.

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