What does it mean to “get saved”? Most within christianity teach and preach a salvation that consists of coming to a point of “making a decision,” and once that decision is made, it usually includes some form of prayer in which one asks forgiveness for sins, and makes some pledge to live some sort of way, and then the person is said to have “been saved.”

While many see that moment as a beautiful thing, it’s actually a complete hoax—a false salvation that is not based in truth even slightly. It is the notion that, at the moment of belief (which is the first step on the path to salvation), a person is saved. It is a false teaching that discards the entire path to salvation taught both by scripture and by the Father’s traditions.

No, salvation is NOT something man can decide. Belief is. No, salvation is NOT something man controls by his decisions or lifestyle. It is wholly controlled and decided by Yah the Father.

When christianity abandoned the Passover, and exchanged it for the pagan nonsense of easter/ishtar, it also threw away the vital representation shown in it—the path to salvation. From that willful ignorance, then, came the lack of understanding that the way of the tabernacle—the path from the gate, through the outer courtyard and the holy place into the Holy of Holies—is a memorial of the Passover journey, and both the Passover journey and the way of the tabernacle present the path to the salvation of Messiah’s bride by the covenant of marriage (“ketubah”).

By abolishing the Father’s traditions, christianity was left having to invent its own path to salvation, and what ensued is a form of false self-worship—a salvation that is garnered by the whims of people who foolishly think that their human will has the power and authority to enact a divine decree of eternal adoption. It is like a neighborhood kid suddenly declaring that he is a legal member of your household. It’s absurd.

Instead of a “path to salvation,” christianity makes salvation a one-stop shop, wherein a person makes a choice—a decision—and, that act of his will makes him saved. It is the “come-forward-and-pray-a-sinner’s-prayer” lie that has resulted in literally billions of people believing they had the power to declare themselves saved.

Man’s belief is not salvation, as christianity falsely peddles; man’s belief is the FIRST STEP in the path to salvation. Once man believes (which is represented by the outer courtyard—identifying with the Passover sacrifice, and repentance from unbelief), he is then to confess his belief before others (which is to endure in belief, as the open confession of Messiah Yahoshua and His true Gospel to others will typically lead to hostility and rejection—most often by very religious folks).

As James taught, it is the patient endurance in belief that will result in being made perfect and complete, lacking nothing, which is to receive the Holy Spirit. Hebrews 10:36-39 explains that those who do not shrink back from their belief will believe all the way to the saving of their souls.

Compare that truth with the counterfeit that christianity pushes, that all one has to do is say a prayer (and really, really, mean it), and he can immediately declare himself to be a “joint heir” with the King of heaven and earth. What a farce. What an eternally tragic ploy Satan has achieved with the lies embedded within christianity, the counterfeit of the true faith.

That is why when most christians are asked who told them they have been born again, how they were told, and what they were told, they have no answer, and must go to a translation of scripture to claim that IT told them, which is not even possible.

The reason they must do that is because they have never been told. They have never received the confirmation spoken of in 1 Corinthians 1:6-8. They declared their own salvation by making a decision or praying a prayer. But, that’s not salvation. That is nothing but joining a human organization—Club Christianity.

Those who receive the covenant of marriage to Messiah Yahoshua are TOLD, directly, personally, literally, and uniquely, that they are children of Yah (Romans 8:16), and they are told by the Holy Spirit in the manner He has always testified, as the Word, to our spirit.

To understand what that testimony is, it is necessary to understand HOW the Holy Spirit has ALWAYS testified to the spirit of man. Look at how he testified to the spirit of the prophets. Look at what Peter said on the very day that the Holy Spirit was poured out as the New Covenant in Acts 2:17.

Those who argue against the confirmation of the Holy Spirit are those who have never received it, and who think they possessed the power and authority to declare themselves to be saved. They are exactly who we see in Matthew 7:21-23.

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