Interacting almost daily with christians who believe, with all their hearts, that they are saved (“I know that I know that I know”), it is saddening to hear, so often, that what they think is the proof they are saved—the belief on which they place their eternal security—is not actually salvation, but is a myth that is propagated by christianity.

Some of the myths are nothing but christianese, borne of emotionalism and false teachings, like “accepting Christ into your heart,” and some are just illogical claims borne of the need for an authority by which one can confirm his salvation apart from the actual confirmation that comes only by the Holy Spirit, like, “I know I’m saved because of what these verses say.”

Christians often turn their English translations of scripture into their Holy Spirit, and claim that the scriptures somehow tell them that they are saved (which is not possible).

These errors all come from the fact that christianity’s salvation is wholly controlled and directed by man, but true salvation comes only at the Father’s direction, and in His timing alone.

The true path to salvation, which the Father showed to us through physical representations (the Passover journey, the way of the tabernacle, etc.), has been ignored by christianity because, in its creation after all the NT writers had died, pagans who vehemently hated the physical Jews stripped the true faith of its foundations, and invented the counterfeit called “christianity.” That spiritual crime opened the door for Satan’s deception and distortion; thus, christianity developed its own path to salvation which is completely controlled by man’s choice/decision.

Look through this list of five myths, and if the reason you think you are saved appears in this list, then now is the time to seek the Spirit of truth, for the bride’s redemption draws very near, and clinging to myths like these will likely mean you will miss the bride’s gathering to the Bridegroom in the air, and will see the coming tribulation on the earth.

If you would like further information and clarification of the differences between christian salvation and true salvation, PM me anytime, and I’ll try to help you understand the true Gospel of Yahoshua the Messiah, what it actually means to be born again, and the evidence that is given to those who are.

For more information: Top Five Christian Salvation Myths

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