There is a prevailing mindset in christianity in which common christian beliefs and norms that can be shown to be false are viewed as unimportant technicalities that the Almighty will certainly overlook, because “He knows my heart.” I’m sure that most of my posts are just ignored by most christians, because they think these things are irrelevant, and even loony.

That kind of thinking is not only arrogant, it is dangerous. It is the belief that, because I have decided on a particular notion, or set of ideas that I’ve been taught by others, then the Creator is obligated to accept those things as “MY” truth, since I feel and say that those things are for Him (or about Him, or “for His glory”). It is belief in a messy, disorganized god who cares little about his own details.

We see it all the time with the demonically pagan counterfeit holydays (SUNday assembling, christ-MASS, easter/ishtar, good friday)—christians everywhere declare that it isn’t important what days we celebrate those things, but THAT we celebrate them. To most christians, they think such details just don’t matter, even though the Father says they do.

We also see it with His name. Usually, when christians are shown that the name “jesus” is an invention of men, and has nothing to do with Messiah at all, but is a counterfeit that is derived from the specific intention of stripping Yahoshua’s Jewish heritage from His identity, the typical response is, “He knows who I mean.” Oh, really? Who told you that?

What I would like to see is the scripture. Show me the scripture that states the Almighty God of the Universe is “just fine” with His Son being attached to false, pagan, holydays—that the important thing is that YOU celebrate what YOU choose about Him, and that the actual truths about those things are unimportant.

And, I’d love to see the scripture that states that it doesn’t matter which name you choose to call Messiah—He knows who you mean. The scriptures I have state that He has one name, and that it is the only name under heaven given among men whereby we must be saved (Acts 4:12). And, in those scriptures (Zechariah 3:1), the Holy Spirit tells us that Messiah’s name is יְהוֹשֻׁ֙עַ֙, and that name is pronounced “Yahoshua.”

So, setting aside platitudes and emotion-filled rationalizations about the common beliefs in the “church,” please, just show me the scripture. Show me where these things just aren’t important to the Creator. Who told YOU that He’s not concerned with the days He ordained? Who told YOU that He doesn’t care what name you use for His Son?

And, BTW—the entirety of Romans 14 is about fasting, eating, and meat sacrificed to idols. The “days” that Paul says are esteemed or not esteemed are specifically days that were chosen by different groups for fasting. Nothing else.

Not once does Paul give any justification for celebrating pagan holydays, nor does he say that the Father’s Sabbaths are unimportant. He does tell true believers that we are not bound to the intricate details of the law in HOW we honor the ordained days—he NEVER states that the days are not to be honored or are unimportant. They are a sign between Yah and His children. Many christians turn Romans 14 into a lie by lifting verses out of context.

So, just show me the scriptures that say the Father is cool with any name you choose to call Him and His Son, and with any days you choose for honoring Him—that what’s in your heart is what determines His truth. This mindset is one of the great flaws of christianity, and it’s the “sin of Jeroboam” and the “doctrine of the Nicolaitans.” It is self-determined, self-styled worship.

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