It’s beginning to look a lot like Sukkot. Joy to the world, the Savior is born! The miracle of the Word made flesh came to us on the Feast of Tabernacles.

One of the christian battle cries in the fight for their pagan christ-mass is the deceitful claim that “it doesn’t matter what day we celebrate Christ’s birth.” Well, then, if it doesn’t matter what day we celebrate it, why not celebrate it on the actual day it occurred—the Feast of Tabernacles?

It’s the same goofy argument as the one christians use that it doesn’t matter what name we call Messiah by, because “He knows who we’re talking about.” Well, apart from the fact that there is no scripture anywhere that states it doesn’t matter what name we use for Him, why are YOU so opposed to the notion of using His actual name—Yahoshua? Why are YOU so opposed to celebrating His birth on the actual day it happened—Tabernacles?

Most of the time, christians will fight vehemently for what is false, and against what is demonstrably true—because the truth exposes the error of their beliefs, and most cannot even begin to fathom the eternal implications of their beliefs being false.

False narratives and faulty scholarship are at the core of the doctrinal errors in christianity, and while most followers of christianity might not possess much intellectual depth, and just parrot what they’ve been taught, thinking their English translations of scripture are the “inspired words” of the Creator, the ones who are a bit more intellectually savvy—the teachers and preachers and pastors—are usually so blinded by their own “knowledge” and arrogance that they can be shown evidence that what they think they “know” just isn’t so, and they will flatly refuse to see it.

Their seminary training convinces them that they possess the truth, but it is all based on the false foundations of christianity that were invented by men, and which directly contradict the truths of the Holy Spirit that are revealed and clarified in the Father’s traditions (1 Cor. 11:2, 2 Thess. 2:15). With those people, we see some of Satan’s finest work—his ability to deceive even the most brilliant among us with his counterfeits of truth.

So, otherwise intelligent folk will boldly declare, “we don’t know the day Messiah was born,” or, “the day we celebrate His birth doesn’t matter—it only matters that we do it,” or, “we know that Dec. 25 was originally a pagan celebration, but we don’t care, we’ve changed the meaning of it.” These are all false assertions crafted to support the fleshly gratification of a pagan festival—to join hands with the world by being OF the world.

At the heart of every one of their arguments is their carnal desire to enter into the pagan revelry of the world, and to try to cloak it with spiritual lies. The proof of that? Most all of them would be completely devastated if they were truly faced with abstaining from anything to do with their christ-mass. They couldn’t even imagine having no part in it.

And, yet, the Holy Spirit reveals, very clearly, to those who sincerely seek to follow Messiah Yahoshua, and honor the days His Father designed and ordained as a sign between Him and His children, that on THIS day—the Feast of Tabernacles—His only begotten Son came into the world in the flesh to “tabernacle” among men, and to pay the price of His bride’s redemption that His Father sent Him to suffer, which He would do at Passover.

Christians can have their worldly holydays, for Yah’s days were given as a sign ONLY to His children—true believers—those who possess the covenant of marriage to His Son and have been personally and directly confirmed by the Holy Spirit that they are children of Yah.

There aren’t 2.5 billion of us on the planet like there are christians, because Yahoshua said of life in Him, “ . . . and few there be who find it.”

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