If only christians would stop and examine how their holydays were invented, or more importantly, WHY they were invented, they might start to see a glimpse of the many differences between spiritual truth and their christianity, which is a counterfeit of the true faith. The matter of the false christian holydays was the door through which the Holy Spirit opened my eyes to His truths, which are contrary to many of the teachings of christianity.

In the early centuries after all the New Testament writers had died, there were men who knew about the Gospel of Yahoshua, but so intensely hated the physical Jews that they hijacked the true Gospel, and created a counterfeit of it by stripping away those things they thought belonged to the Jews (the traditions, which actually belong to the Father).

So, they stripped away the Jewishness of Messiah’s name, and altered the Greek manuscripts of scripture, giving Him a false name that aligned Him with the Greek supreme god of gods, Zeus. They called Yahoshua IESOUS (Yay-Zeus), which, to them, identified His name as being that of a god. But, they just invented a false name that eventually morphed from IESOUS (Greek) to IESUM (latin) to IESUS (KJV 1611) to JESUS (modern). He is, and has always been, Yahoshua, which is “Yah’s salvation.”

Yah’s weekly Sabbath was abolished in their new religion, and they crafted a day of assembling that fit into their Greco-Roman traditions. They were accustomed to honoring the venerable day of the sun (first day of the week), since many of them were pagan sun worshipers, just as Constantine was (he also worshiped Zeus). Their intent was to separate themselves completely from the true believers who held to the same traditions that the physical Jews had. Yes, they hated those Jews that much!

Then, they rejected the rest of Yah’s Sabbaths (feast days), and simply continued their homage to the sun god, adopting those pagan celebrations as well, which is where christ-mass, easter/ishtar, valentine’s day, and halloween came from.

There is one source from which the entire belief system and its holydays is derived—and, it is the source that is responsible for all spiritual counterfeits and false teachings. He often appears as an angel of light.

So, because of the spiritual ignorance that comes from not understanding the Father’s traditions, and wanting nothing to do with the actual day of Messiah’s crucifixion, which is the true path to salvation for Messiah’s bride—PASSOVER—the early christians falsely attributed the Sabbath day that followed the crucifixion as being the weekly Sabbath, and they placed His crucifixion on a Friday, which ultimately makes Messiah a liar, since He said He would be in the earth for three days AND three nights.

The Sabbath that follows Passover is the Feast of Unleavened Bread, so, in the week of Messiah’s crucifixion, there were three Sabbaths—Passover, Unleavened Bread, and the weekly Sabbath. The following week BEGAN with a Sabbath as well—the Feast of Firstfruits, which was the day of the resurrection. To understand any of the scriptures about those events, it is vital to know WHICH Sabbath is referenced in each verse.

Over the centuries, christian apologists have devised numerous illogical, deceitful explanations, including the baseless one that any part of a day is called a day, and any part of a night is called a night. No, Messiah Yahoshua said He would be in the earth for three days and three nights. It means exactly that. To the Jews, a person wasn’t legally dead until AFTER the third day—that’s why Yahoshua waited until the fourth day to raise Lazarus from the dead.

And, for those who actually know and understand how the Sabbaths work, the scriptures are clear that, not only was Messiah crucified on Passover, it fell on a Wednesday that year, not a Friday. So, the whole construct of “good Friday” is a lie.

Now, does the day of the week actually matter? No, that’s not the point. The point is the lies and distortions of the entire belief system of christianity that has altered and perverted Yah’s ordained Sabbaths, which are a sign between Him and His true children; and, by altering Yah’s days, they muddle His truths, claiming that lies are truths, and truths are lies.

If christianity so clearly lies about these things, what makes you think that its many versions of salvation are true? (hint: they’re not—christianity’s salvation is a counterfeit too).

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