I know this post is a bit lengthy, but it is necessary to present the truth about where we are right now in the prophetic calendar concerning man’s time on this earth. Most people—those in christianity included—have little to no understanding of the coming things.

I’m sure this will shock many people, but the current global struggle between the “white hats” (patriots, Trump supporters) and the “black hats” (cabal, deep state) is completely owned by the prince of the power of the air—yes, BOTH sides. It is actually a war between the UNJUST (moral humanity) and the FILTHY (immoral humanity), both of which belong to Satan. Neither side is actually the RIGHTEOUS or the HOLY (Revelation 22:11).

I have been following several of the “white hat” types since it was clear that President Trump won the 2020 election by a landslide, and it was stolen from the voters by an immoral cabal of deep state operatives, just as they have done, and are doing, in a number of other countries.

Many of those “white hat” commentators have been talking about a global plan to destroy the deep state (new world order), and to give this country, and the world, back to “the people.”

The plan, which purportedly has been mapped out by a small group of military intelligence experts who go by the name “Q,” promotes an international effort by which the moral “good” people, who are in the majority, are going to take down the evil system of elites who have been working to destroy western civilization for decades, and which seeks to inflict a new world order through a “great reset” that rewards a few ultra-wealthy oligarchs with unlimited power, and enslaves the rest of humanity.

Now, most of the “white hats” are foretelling a “great awakening” that will eventually see the reinstatement of President Trump, along with taking down regimes in other countries that have wrested power by fraud (just as the deep state did in the USA); and, that awakening will also institute a new economic system that removes financial resources from the “evil,” and promotes wealth and prosperity for the “good.”

That all sounds great, doesn’t it? Here’s why both sides are wholly controlled by Satan: neither side is focused on the true Gospel of Messiah Yahoshua, but are simply a delineation between human morality and human immorality. There is nothing about any human that is righteous, as righteousness belongs to God alone. No matter how “good” something looks, it cannot be righteous apart from being of the Father, and the Father is not in anything that denies His true Son, or is a counterfeit of the true faith.

What do most all of the “white hats” have in common? They are pretty much all a part of christianity—most of them tout some form of christian belief system. Of course, their actual beliefs vary widely (which is mirrored in the fact that christianity is comprised of over 41,000 different flavors—or denominations—according to a study done by Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary).

Within the “white hats,” there are evangelical types—some who are charismatic and some who are more traditional fundamentalists—and then there are many who peddle different forms of christian “new age” paganism (good vs. bad vibrations, fifth dimension, transcendental divine consciousness, extraterrestrial connections, etc.).

But, they all come together and recognize one another as good people—good christians, just as is commonly done across the entire spectrum of christianity—from Roman Catholicism to backwoods snake handlers, faith-healing frauds, and prosperity gospel barkers.

First, there is only one true faith, and it is administered by one Holy Spirit to one body (Ephesians 4:4-6). There are no denominational camps in the true faith. The true faith is exactly what the New Testament apostles preached, and the New Testament believers lived.

They believed in Yahoshua the Messiah, and embraced the Father’s traditions that He gives His true children as a family sign—those traditions include His Sabbaths (weekly and annual), the wedding traditions, and the temple ordinances and practices—all of which are physical foreshadows of spiritual real substances. Those foreshadows provide instruction for physical humans to comprehend spiritual things.

The New Testament ekklesia (called-out assembly) also knew that man’s belief is not salvation, but is the first step on the path TO salvation; nor is salvation obtained by making a decision, praying a sinner’s prayer, or accepting Christ into one’s heart. They knew that Messiah’s bride receives salvation as a covenant—a “ketubah,” which is the covenant of marriage (Acts 2), and that only those who are given the Holy Spirit are actually saved (Romans 8:9).

They further knew that it is only the Father who decides to whom the covenant is given, and He does so by His will and in His time. They knew that those who receive the covenant are told by the Holy Spirit, directly and personally, that they have been adopted as children of Yah.

No, that is NOT the belief system of the “good guys” in this global battle, who typically push some form of christianity, which actually embraces thousands of different belief systems, and they pretend like there is some scripture that teaches that contradictory doctrines under an ever-expanding umbrella of beliefs are all just fine, as long as everyone subscribes to certain tenets they’ve decided are vital (and they even accept some who disagree with those tenets, as long as those folks appear to be “good christians”).

That is NOT the true faith. The true faith exists ONLY in pure truth, and pure truth contains no contradictions or counterfeits (John 4:24).

Christianity was invented after the New Testament apostles had all died, and its creation came by stripping the true faith of its foundations—the Father’s traditions. It was birthed from a visceral hatred of a race of people, the physical Jews, and that hatred came from spiritual ignorance—not understanding that the term “Jew” (yahudiy) is not a physical race, but a spiritual condition.

Today, christianity is still pervasively immersed in abject ignorance of who Y’isra-el is (it is not an earthly landmass or country) and who the true Jews are. Those who are lost in the false teachings of christianity simply do not possess the spiritual understanding that comes from the Holy Spirit, so they see only what is physical, and they remain blind to what is spiritual—clueless about the correlation between physical foreshadow and spiritual real substance.

Y’isra-el is Messiah’s bride, which is comprised of those whose hearts (not their flesh) have been circumcised, and those people are the true Jews. Being a true Jew has nothing to do with one’s race or bloodline (Romans 2:29), and being grafted into Y’isra-el has nothing to do with where on the earth one lives.

Those who reject Messiah Yahoshua are cut off from Y’isra-el, regardless of their earthly bloodline, race, or geographic residence (Romans 11). The spiritual real substance of Abraham’s descendants are those who have been given the seal of the Holy Spirit (covenant/ketubah), which is what Paul explained in Galatians 3:28-29.

So, those who profess belief in christianity are part of a counterfeit of the true faith. Those who believe in christianity’s “jesus” place their faith in a counterfeit of the true Messiah Yahoshua.

And, because christianity is not based on the Holy Spirit’s truths, but on false ideas and scriptural interpretations by men, it has branched out into innumerable different doctrinal distinctions; and those many different forms of christianity are mostly what comprise the “white hats” of today’s global struggle between “good” and “evil.”

That which is in contradiction to the pure doctrines of the Holy Spirit is not truth, and all forms of christianity contradict the pure truths of the Holy Spirit to one extent or another. That which contradicts the pure truths of the Holy Spirit, then, is not of Elohim (God), but is of the enemy, who is the greatest counterfeiter in all of creation. That which is a counterfeit of the true faith is owned wholly by Satan, who inserts grains of truth into all earthly religions.

What we are presently witnessing is a magnified version of the cultural “war on christ-mass.”

For years I’ve understood that particular cultural battle to be one of Satan’s most successful creations, because he actually owns both sides of the argument. On one side are the morally “good” people who idolize a pagan holyday—December 25, the birth day of the sun god—but who claim it is a celebration of the birth of their “jesus,” the Greco-Roman counterfeit of Messiah Yahoshua, who was born on the Feast of Tabernacles. Remember, Satan is the creator of ALL spiritual counterfeits, and the christ-mass is a spiritual counterfeit.

On the other side are those who reject the celebration, not because they embrace the true faith, but because they reject the Creator outright. However, as only those who are given the Holy Spirit have the privilege of being called Yah’s children (John 1:12), both sides are actually just different groups of Satan’s children—those who are both in the world, and of it, as their father is the god of this world and the father of lies.

Satan has brilliantly pitted one group of his children against another group of his children, and as he loves for people to hate each other, and to battle against each other over completely false causes that he invents, his war against christ-mass is one of his most brilliant strategies of chaos and contempt.

What we are seeing right now in the world is just a magnification of that same war—humanly good people (the unjust) against humanly evil people (the filthy). And, those humanly good people, out of sheer ignorance of what scripture actually teaches us is getting ready to happen, think that their human “goodness” is going to win the day, and transform the earth into a utopia of that human goodness.

No, there is no spiritual “great awakening” getting ready to happen on the earth. Actually, just the opposite is coming.

There is nowhere in scripture that teaches a spiritual “great revival” occurring before Messiah’s bride is fully removed and taken to the wedding chamber (chuppah). In fact, what scripture foretells is a “falling away” (apostasy), which is what Paul prophesied about the coming invention of christianity that he saw, and it was birthed by the rejection of the foundations of the faith, and the syncretistic marriage of the scriptures with paganism (false holydays) and humanism (salvation by man’s decision).

As Paul explained in First and Second Thessalonians, Messiah’s bride will be fully removed from the earth after the falling away (not some “great revival”), but before the Antichrist is revealed—or, after christianity’s codification in the fourth century, but before the tribulation begins.

The bride has been being “raptured” (caught up) since the covenant was revealed on the Feast of Weeks (Acts 2), as each time someone who has been given the covenant dies, that soul is harvested into heaven. But, there is coming a specific Feast of Trumpets very soon (possibly this year) on which day those of the bride who are alive and remain on the earth will be gathered in the air along with those who have already died physically, and the entire bride will be taken to the wedding chamber to await her revealing at the wedding feast in the new heaven (Revelation 21:2).

That fulfillment of the Feast of Trumpets will end the spiritual barley harvest, which began when Messiah Yahoshua rose again from the dead during the night on the Feast of Firstfruits (that feast was annually the first day of the barley harvest according to scripture and the traditions). When the barley harvest ends, the wheat harvest begins the next day. That is when the Antichrist will be revealed; but, he will have to rise to enough power to be able to broker a worldwide peace agreement. It will take him three years to accomplish that.

After that three years, the treaty will be declared, and it will bring a peace to the world that will last for 3 ½ years, and then all hell is going to break loose on the earth—with many realizing they have been deceived by the ultimate counterfeiter. That 3 ½ year mark will be when the Antichrist’s false peace will be removed from the earth (Revelation 6:4).

At that 3 ½ year mark, Satan will be cast out of heaven (Revelation 12), he will enter the assassinated body of the Antichrist (Revelation 13), and he will then wage war on anyone who believes in Messiah Yahoshua. Ultimately, he will gather the armies of the world at Armageddon to declare war against Jerusalem, knowing that Jerusalem has been given to Messiah Yahoshua to rule and reign for 1000 years on the earth (Zechariah 2-3, Revelation 20:4). That will finally give Satan the face-to-face earthly battle with Messiah Yahoshua he has long desired.

We know how that’s going to turn out for Satan, and for 2/3 of the earth’s population, who will all be sent to hell.

But, how will the Antichrist lead the earth into peace before all that happens? He will do it the same way he has misguided so many billions of people into christianity.

You see, with most people, Satan doesn’t draw them to what they see as vile and evil, but to what LOOKS good and right (remember, he often masquerades as an angel of light—think: “the beauty of christ-mass”). He leads them to what they see as beautiful in an earthly sense—a worldly sense—whether it’s religion, family relationships, prosperity, or human morality—those are all things that are temporal. Satan uses them to draw one’s affections away from what is eternal—what is TRUTH.

What is eternal is what is important, but Satan draws man’s flesh to the temporal things of this world (Matthew 6:21, 1 John 2:15). The world, the flesh, and the devil reject the true things of the Father, and cling to counterfeits of them (like SUNday assembling, christ-mass, easter/ishtar, etc.). The counterfeit of the true faith promotes the false notion that man can be saved by his own decision, and that human morality is the evidence of his salvation.

When the “white hats” who post countless videos and articles online about the “great awakening,” and they speak of “God,” they are actually conflating human morality with God. They equate “good people” with Yah’s children. But, the “good people” they refer to have never been given the covenant—most don’t even know what that is. They are the lost christians we see in Matthew 7:21-23.

Human morality is NOT righteousness, but most all of the “white hats” confuse the two.

The stage is being set RIGHT NOW for the Antichrist’s ten-year tribulation (ten days from the Feast of Trumpets to the Feast of Atonement), and Satan will draw humanly moral people (the unjust—those who are moral people who have never been made righteous) toward what they see as good and godly—a utopia of sorts in which the “evil cabal” is vanquished, and there is prosperity and happiness for the whole earth.

And, those people have no idea that they are actually being led by the same forces that own and direct the evil cabal they are fighting.

It should go without saying that those who truly are the righteous and the holy (two different groups, but that’s another post), which is to say those who have been given the Holy Spirit, will undoubtedly support that which is moral against that which is immoral; which means, where people have been deceived, and positions of authority have been attained through fraud and cheating, those who have the Holy Spirit will obviously reject the theft of an election, or the stealing of anything, for that matter.

So, while I am still here, I would like to see the lies and theft revealed, and those who participated in the cabal’s plan for a “great reset” to their new world order, brought to justice.

But, my true citizenship is not of this world, and my time on earth is quickly coming to a close. Messiah Yahoshua, the Bridegroom, will be taking His bride to the wedding chamber on the Feast of Trumpets (likely either this year or next), so I am mostly just a spectator—knowing that my fight is not against flesh and blood, but against the powers that deceive moral people into believing they have been made righteous, only for them to find out in the end that they were led astray by what LOOKED good to them, but simply wasn’t Yah’s truth.

This link presents a brief overview of the events that will occur after Messiah’s bride is fully removed from the earth on the Feast of Trumpets: READ THIS AFTER I HAVE DISAPPEARED

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