More than a decade ago now, the Holy Spirit opened my eyes and showed me the many differences between His truths and the false teachings found in christianity, the counterfeit of the true faith. Since then, there have been many folks who have tried to silence me publicly, claiming that I am a false teacher, or I am in a cult, or that their feelings have gotten hurt because the Holy Spirit’s truths that I share exposed their beliefs as false.

They might try to attack a single issue, like the Father’s Sabbaths, but when they are asked to provide evidence that the Sabbaths were ended, or that they don’t apply today, and they cannot actually do that (since they must pervert the scriptures to make the claim), they usually end up just attacking me personally because of the truths I share.

Of course, that is to be expected, as the apostles went through the same hassles in their day, but they were chased from town to town by those who wished to harm them or kill them. So, the occasional epithet or false accusation against me is pretty impotent in the greater scheme of things. So far, nobody has come to kill me (although, there have been a number of christians over the years who have threatened to “meet up” with me and physically fight me).

Now, if what I teach were doctrines that the scriptures contradict, the last thing I would want is for folks to search the scriptures to verify that what I teach is truth. The problem is, most in christianity have been so deceived by false teachings that they think lifting single verses, or individual phrases, out of their contexts, is some sort of proof supporting their false beliefs.

And, often, when the entire context of the passage shows they’ve perverted the original meanings, many will get defensive.

And then, what usually ends up happening will be a series of platitudes and general accusations against me personally, which accomplishes nothing good spiritually. But, I still invite folks to provide the scriptural evidence that what I teach is false—we’ll just look at the entirety of what the scriptures actually state, and not lift things out of their contexts.

So, I would like, once again, to ask anyone who thinks that what I teach is false, to PLEASE show me exactly HOW what I teach is false. Here are some guidelines for that quest, should you choose to accept it:

The Holy Spirit’s truths are singular—He doesn’t give varying versions of His truths to different people. He will not teach me one thing, and you something that contradicts that. And, His truths ALWAYS align PERFECTLY with ALL of scripture (in its original languages and contexts), and with ALL of the Father’s traditions (and, that’s where those in christianity are often vastly disadvantaged, because christianity threw away the Father’s traditions and replaced them with paganism and humanism).

So, because of that ignorance of the traditions, those who have been deceived by christianity’s teachings will often conflate everything that even sounds remotely Jewey as being “the law.” They don’t even realize that they condemn the apostle Paul as a false teacher and a hypocrite, claiming that he taught that the Father’s traditions were no more, when he actually observed them himself, and taught them to the Gentile converts (which is shown throughout the New Testament).

Again, those who have been deluded by christianity’s false teachings often have a blatant blindness toward the Holy Spirit’s truths, because the same hatred of all things Jewey that formed the basis for christianity’s invention and its codification in the fourth century, still blinds hearts and minds today. The traditions never belonged to the physical Jews, for they are the Father’s traditions—those who reject or despise His traditions reject and despise Him and His Son (regardless of how much they claim to love them both).

So, where spiritual matters are concerned, understanding the singular nature of the Holy Spirit’s truths, if we disagree on something, then one of us is right and the other wrong, or we’re both wrong. Where two beliefs contradict each other, they cannot both be truth.

That’s one of the dangers in christianity—many christians are so accepting of contradicting doctrines from others in christianity, which is wholly contrary to the Holy Spirit and His undivided truth—HE divides between truth and error, and one either has truth, or one is in error (Ephesians 4:4-6). There are NO DENOMINATIONS in the Holy Spirit! Christianity has more than 41,000 different flavors (denominations).

And, here’s a kicker—John 4:24 tells us that ONLY TRUTH is acceptable as worship before the Father. So, it’s not just a matter of “agreeing to disagree,” but that only the one who espouses truth has the ability to worship the Father in an acceptable manner, which means that the worship of the one who is in error is NOT acceptable to the Father—it is rejected (and, “He knows my heart” cannot change that).

Platitudes are not fact. Accusations apart from evidence have no merit. I would LOVE for someone to show me how the Holy Spirit has misled me over the past decade since leading me OUT of christianity. I welcome the opportunity to be shown exactly how I have it wrong.

You see, I know what christianity teaches—I was formally educated in it (christian high school and university), and I worked in it for decades (on pastoral staff as a music minister for several years, and I also toured to “churches” across the country for well over a decade). I know what I knew, and I know what I now know after the Holy Spirit’s instruction for the past decade—and the two are incompatible.

Most of the time, the christians who want to debate have no idea what I know. They only know what I used to know before I was instructed by the Holy Spirit. So, we both know what they know, but most of them are not even aware that the Holy Spirit’s truths that He has taught me even exist (because they’ve been falsely taught that the Father changed at some point—the lie that there is an OT God and a NT God).

I was certainly unaware of many of the Holy Spirit’s truths when I was in christianity. I didn’t even know they existed.

And, as is so often the case, pride and arrogance play a large part in it, for most folks cannot stand the thought that their entire belief system could be wrong, so they fight to prove that what they already believe is true, and they entirely miss what the Holy Spirit is showing them.

So, rather than simply whining and complaining at me, or making broad generalizations about me personally, or claiming that I am presenting my own interpretations of scripture, PROVE ME WRONG! If you think what you believe is true, and what I teach is false, then PROVE IT.

Actually, if you think you are saved (even though christianity peddles a false salvation-by-decision), and if you think what I teach is false, it is literally YOUR DUTY to expose the purported fallacy of my teaching, and to correct me. Sadly, the most common response from christians is just running away, or blocking me altogether.

I am inviting YOU to prove that what I teach is false. I welcome the opportunity to examine your evidence that you believe proves my error. And, if you can show me that I am wrong in my beliefs according to the Holy Spirit, I will repent of my beliefs, and will be grateful that you set me straight.

Can YOU say the same thing to me?

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