The media controls most of the narratives in the world, and those who can see through the lies and deception the media spins 24/7 are often dumbfounded at the number of people who fall for the seemingly ridiculous assaults on common sense and moral decency.

Every day, we hear the media promoting the very things that will ultimately destroy this country—open borders, Marxist and Islamic terrorists bent on erasing western civilization, and the destructive socialist agenda of both sides of the political aisle. And, those who try to stand up against it are viciously attacked as bigots and just plain horrible people.

The lies of the media are accepted as truth by nearly half the people in this country, and that number just continues to grow because so many people in this country are intellectually stunted and morally depraved. They would rather believe a lie than the truth. Being accepting of what is morally repugnant makes them feel enlightened and superior over those with common sense and morality.

These are the forces that are going to—very quickly—eradicate the United States from any sort of world dominance, and allow for the demon possessed emissary of Satan to quickly rise to power and set the stage for Satan himself to rule the earth for a brief time.

The media and the establishment have the same agenda that the antichrist will have, and that is for Satan to rule. So, the son of perdition will have no problem at all rising in power quickly, and becoming the leader of the entire world. And, then, he will be killed, and Satan himself will be cast out of heaven, come to the earth, indwell the dead body, and resurrect it from the dead.

At that point, all hell will be loosed upon the earth.

Thankfully, I won’t be here for any of that, as the Holy Spirit has told me, directly and personally, that I am a part of Messiah’s bride. And, the relatively tiny number of people who have received that unique and literal confirmation from the Holy Spirit will be removed from the earth immediately prior to the revealing of the antichrist.

Those who think they are saved simply because they made a decision, or prayed a prayer, or “changed their lives,” or “accepted Christ,” or obeyed commands, will still be here, and will be given an opportunity to be the friends of the bride, since there will be nobody added to the bride once we have been taken to the wedding chamber.

As you daily see all the profoundly stupid and stunningly immoral things that are touted as “good” by the media and the establishment, just understand that they have the exact same agenda as the coming antichrist, and that is the rule of Satan upon the earth.

There are only two ways to avoid what is coming soon: your physical death, or your receiving the covenant, which comes to those who believe in Messiah Yahoshua, and endure in that belief—confessing Him before others.

So many christians will be shocked when they discover they weren’t taken with the bride.

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