This matter seems to confound many christians, and their lack of understanding causes them to peddle utter nonsense about what repentance is necessary for salvation. They claim that one must “repent of all sins” to be saved, but that comes from a faulty English translation that came from christianity itself, and christianity is a counterfeit to begin with.

There is but ONE SIN that condemns. It is UNBELIEF. In the Greek, it is “hamartia.” That is the singular sinful condition into which all humans are born because of Adam’s sin. It is not multiple sins of the flesh. So, whenever your human translation of scripture speaks of salvation (justification), and the word “sins” appears in the passage, it is a false translation. If the word in the Greek is “hamartia,” the proper translation is “sin,” not “sins.”

Once one has been justified (given the Holy Spirit) after he has repented of his unbelief (which is to believe), it is only THEN that sins of the flesh matter at all. One who is condemned already because of unbelief (John 3:18, Hebrews 3:19) cannot become “more condemned” because of sins of the flesh.

No, sins of the flesh are the basis of relationship and eternal reward. They do not determine eternal destiny. We see in Revelation 20:13 that hell will give up its dead to be judged according to their works. If going to hell was because of sins of the flesh (works), then how could unbelievers already be in hell before their works are judged? If that were the case, then Yah would be an unjust judge, and we know that cannot be true. Those who are in hell are not there because of their works, but because of their unbelief.

Once one has repented of his unbelief (believed), and at some point after that, is given the covenant (seal of the Holy Spirit), he is eternally Yah’s adopted child. All children have the choice to obey (sacrifice their flesh—refrain from sins of the flesh) or disobey (indulge their flesh—commit sins of the flesh), but with either choice, a child is always a child. Those who choose to disobey will diminish their relationship with the Father, and will forfeit eternal reward.

Those of you with children, could you imagine your child becoming NOT your child because he disobeyed you? That is an absurd thought!

If repentance from “all sins” were the basis of salvation, then there would be no basis for reward vs. lack of reward. Moreover, if the “all sins” heresy were true, then nobody would ever make it to heaven. And sadly, most christians won’t.

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