Most christians falsely believe that “lucifer” is the name of Satan, and that is because of a false interpretation of Isaiah 14. They erroneously contend that Isaiah is speaking of Satan in verse 12, but that ignores the entire context of what Isaiah is talking about.

In this chapter, Isaiah is speaking of Y’isra-el and Babylon (the Jews would be exiled in Babylon less than two centuries after Isaiah’s prophecy).

And, during this era, there were three Assyrian kings who claimed the title “king of Babylon.” They were Tiglath-Pileser III, Shalmaneser V, and finally Sargon II. The one Isaiah is speaking of there was likely Sargon II.

We see in verses 18-20 that Isaiah says this king will be killed in battle, but unlike other kings, who are buried in tombs at their palaces, this king would not be buried with his fellow soldiers, nor would he even be buried in a tomb.

The historical record reveals that Sargon II was killed in a battle with Gordias, king of the Anatolian principalities (Turkey), and that his body was never recovered.

But, most christians get this all wrong starting with verses 12-13:

How you have fallen from heaven,
O lucifer, son of the dawn!
You have been cut down to the earth,
You who have weakened the nations!
“But you said in your heart,
‘I will ascend to heaven;
I will raise my throne above the stars of God,
And I will sit on the mount of assembly
In the recesses of the north.

Note that in the Hebrew, “fallen from heaven” simply means “fallen from a lofty position,” and the word translated “lucifer” comes from the Hebrew הֵילֵל (hêylêl), which means “morning star,” and was a euphemism for the planet Venus, which is called by that same euphemism even today.

It was the Roman Catholic Jerome who first used the word “lucifer” when he was translating the scriptures into Latin more than nine centuries after Isaiah had written those words in Hebrew. He merely translated the Hebrew euphemism for Venus (“morning star”) into the Latin euphemism for Venus that means “morning star,” or “bringer of light,” and that Latin word is “lucifer.”

As we have seen previously with names, they are not to be translated, but transliterated. It was the early promulgaters of christianity who translated or even concocted new names in the scriptures, mostly to strip names of their Hebrew origin, like the false name iesous/jesus that was invented by the early pagan Jew-hating christians. Messiah’s name has never been “iesous” or “jesus,” but has ALWAYS been יְהוֹשֻׁ֙ע , which is pronounced Yahoshua, and means “Yah’s salvation.”

Now, it was common during the era that the book of Isaiah was written for kings to identify themselves with heavenly bodies to imply that they were to be worshiped as immortal. The king of Babylon chose to align himself with Venus, the morning star.

Furthermore, in verse 13, Isaiah quotes the king’s intention, “I will ascend to heaven,” which clearly shows that this “lucifer” could not be Satan, for Satan already dwells in heaven; why would he then need to ascend to heaven?

A lot of this misunderstanding comes from wrongly deriving beliefs about Satan from Dante’s “Inferno,” and not from the Holy Spirit’s meanings within His scriptures. Many christians falsely think that Satan was cast out of heaven at some point, but that will not actually happen until 3 ½ years into the antichrist’s peace treaty, and is what we see in Revelation 12.

But, it should be noted that what is spiritual is mirrored in the physical. What is presented in the OT are physical foreshadows of future-revealed spiritual real substances. So, while Isaiah correctly prophesied about the physical king of Babylon (Sargon II), we must also look to what it reveals about a future spiritual real substance.

We know from scripture that the Babylon of prophecy is a one-world religion headed by christianity, and the titular head of christianity (Babylon) is the pope. The pope will be the false prophet who confirms the antichrist to the world. Rome is the spiritual head of Babylon, but the financial arm of Babylon is the USA (the largest christian nation on the earth).

Scripture reveals in Revelation 17 & 18 that the false prophet (the pope) and all of Babylon (Rome and all of man’s religions) will be destroyed by the antichrist, as he will demand that ALL worship on the earth be of HIM alone.

So, the word “lucifer,” as the king of Babylon, prophetically describes the pope, as he is the head of christianity, and prophetically, that is the head of Babylon.

Messiah’s bride is Y’isra-el and christianity is Babylon. One cannot be a member of both Y’isra-el and Babylon. One cannot eat at the Father’s table, and at the table of the world (Babylon).

Messiah is a Jew, and His bride must be a Jew. Paul tells us in Romans 2:29 who the true Jew is (the spiritual real substance of the name Jew), and it is those who have received the covenant after it was revealed on the fulfillment of the Feast of Weeks (Acts 2).

Those who have received the covenant are Jews by adoption (justification) and by marriage (covenant). Babylon (christianity) is not part of the covenant. It is Satan’s counterfeit of Y’isra-el, and it will fall during the tribulation.

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