When sharing the truths of the Holy Spirit that are revealed in the Father’s traditions, it is not uncommon for christians to say, “The details don’t matter; what matters is that we are saved.”

Please allow me to translate what that actually means. “I have no idea what you’re talking about, and it looks like it would probably take some time and effort to learn those things you are referring to, so it’s easier just to say that the details don’t matter, and I’ll just continue believing what I believe.”


It is the spirit of the Laodiceans, who believe they have need for nothing—not even the truths of the Holy Spirit that are not taught by their christianity, but are revealed in the traditions.

There is a reason that Paul told the Gentile converts to “stand fast and keep the traditions” he had taught them. It’s because, in the traditions, there are doctrinal truths shown in physical foreshadows, and those truths that are shown are vital to keeping one from being misled by false teachings.

By rejecting and abolishing the Father’s traditions, christianity ensured that its adherents would easily be drawn away from truth, and into the traditions of men, which cannot give eternal life.

When one starts digging into the Father’s traditions (which include the Sabbaths—weekly and feasts, the wedding traditions, and the temple ordinances and practices), the meanings of the scriptures start to take on a whole new perspective. That is the perspective that the earliest believers in the New Testament had. And, that is why Paul taught those things to the Gentile converts.

Without understanding the details of the Passover, many truths are lost—that’s why some christians don’t even believe that Messiah went to hell after He was crucified (the lamb must be cooked over fire, and not boiled, or eaten raw—Exodus 12:8-9).

They don’t realize that the journey out of Egypt, through the wilderness, and to the mountain, represents the true path to the salvation of Messiah’s bride, and is mirrored in the priestly progression from the Outer Courtyard, through the Holy Place, and into the Holy of Holies.

The “details” are where the truths are found. Learning the “details” requires a bit of effort, and often, just continuing in the lies one has believed is far easier than the work involved in uncovering the truths that are found in the traditions.

Once one spends some time learning the traditions, he will see that the Holy Spirit’s truths always align perfectly with all of scripture (in its original languages and contexts), and with all of those traditions.

A belief system that is devoid of the traditions is also devoid of the Holy Spirit. So many of the teachings of christianity directly oppose the teachings in the Father’s traditions. Thus, those teachings cannot be of the Holy Spirit. They are the traditions of men, and are a counterfeit of the true faith.

Do you have any idea who the father of spiritual counterfeits is? He is the one responsible for all the religions in the world—christianity included.

So, when someone says, “The details don’t matter; what matters is that we are saved,” they often don’t even realize that the true path to salvation is shown explicitly in the “details” of the traditions, and that the path they’ve been taught is not even salvation, but a counterfeit of it.

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