The Old Testament presents physical foreshadows of spiritual real substances that are revealed in the New Testament. Treating any of those physical foreshadows as being the real substances leads to all sorts of false teachings.

Both the “church” and the Hebraic Roots Movement mostly lack this spiritual understanding, which is why neither actually possesses the whole truth from the Holy Spirit. The “church” treats the Creator like He’s schizophrenic—like He was a different God in the Old Testament than He is in the New Testament. And, the Hebraic Roots Movement refuses to understand that the physical foreshadows are just that—images, or pictures, that represent actual substances that were later revealed.

The written law given to the ancient Jews was a foreshadow of the Holy Spirit being given to the bride. While the bride is not under the law, there are many foreshadows within the law that present spiritual instruction through symbolism—but, the symbol is not the actual substance; it is a physical representation of it. One is not saved by the actual lamb that is cooked and eaten at Passover—it is a symbol, or foreshadow, of the Perfect Lamb who died, and suffered the fires of hell to atone for the sin of His bride.

The animal sacrifice laws are no longer, and the clean vs unclean laws (which kept the Jews separate from the Gentiles) were done away with in Messiah. Trying to rebuild that barrier that separated the two groups is what Peter tried to do by withdrawing from the Gentiles, once he had started eating foods with them that had previously been prohibited under the dietary laws.

Paul rebuked him for that, and said he stood guilty for his hypocrisy (Galatians 2:11-12). Peter accepted Paul’s rebuke, and learned that the entirety of the clean vs unclean laws was abolished. There were no longer laws that separated the two groups; thus, there are no longer things that are unclean, as the real substance of that is spiritual, not physical.

At the same time, the “church” rejects the true traditions of the Father—those things that He established as a sign between Him and His children—His Sabbaths. Again, understanding what is foreshadow and what is real substance, and how each applies in the life of the believer, is all part of the understanding the Holy Spirit imparts.

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