A little exercise in intellectual honesty . . . when one reads a book that was written in one language and translated into another, the character names do not get translated along with the rest of the text (i.e., in “Les Miserables,” the character Jean Valjean isn’t changed to John when translated to English).

When you travel to another country like, say, Japan, and listen to their broadcast news, they will speak Japanese, but if they mention someone like Donald Trump, his name doesn’t get translated into something Japanese. He is still called by his name, Donald Trump. Mao Tse Tung is Chinese. What is his English name? See how absurd such thinking is?

People’s names don’t change because of the languages of others. The intellectually muddled thought in otherwise intelligent people shows the true power of the enemy’s deception. Satan HATES Yahoshua the Messiah, and he certainly doesn’t want humans to call on His name.

Do you understand why the Hebrew names in the Bible were changed to Greco-Roman names? If you were to discover that there was evil intent involved in it, would that cause you to question what else might have been changed by those who changed the Hebrew names?

Anyone who tells you that “jesus” is just the English version of Messiah’s name is either a liar or is ignorant. Messiah was given a very specific name for a very specific reason. Changing His name changes that reason.

Matthew, which was originally written in Hebrew according to the historic record, stated that He was given His name “BECAUSE He will save His people from their sin.” “Jesus” has no literal meaning, so it would make no sense to also offer a reason for being given that name.

In Zechariah 3:1, the Holy Spirit tells us Messiah’s name is יְהוֹשֻׁ֙עַ֙, which is pronounced “Yahoshua,” and means “Yah’s salvation.” That is why Matthew said what he did about why He was given His name. He is salvation sent by His Father, who is Yah (Psalm 68:4).

The early christians who invented christianity hated the physical Jews so passionately that they sought to strip every last bit of Jeweyness they could from the faith, and in so doing, they created an entire counterfeit of the true faith. Not only did they assign a different name to the Jewish Messiah, calling Him IESOUS (Yay-Zeus), which identified Him with their supreme pagan god, they obliterated the Father’s traditions, which are the foundations of the faith.

Thus, they constructed a body that calls itself by the name of the sun god’s daughter (Circe=church), assembles together on the venerable day of the sun (first day of the week), celebrates holydays tied to sun worship (christ-mass, easter/ishtar), and calls their messiah by a name associated with their pagan god Zeus.

Is it any wonder that christianity gets the doctrines of salvation so wrong too?

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