Christians everywhere proclaim that “jesus is the reason for the season,” but is that really true? Is some guy named “jesus” really the reason for the christ-mass season? Of course he is. He is the biggest reason that modern culture embraces the “season.”

But, how could that be true, if the holyday appears nowhere in scripture, and nobody in the New Testament ever celebrated it?

Well, it’s true because “jesus” represents the invention of a counterfeit of the true faith that was created in the early centuries after all the writers of the New Testament had died. While the Gospel of Yahoshua was spreading throughout the Roman empire, beginning with the apostles, there was an intense hatred for the physical Jews among the early pagans who had aligned themselves, at least politically, with the true Gospel’s followers.

Because the Gospel of Yahoshua (including the Father’s traditions) had come through the physical Jews, that meant that actually being a follower of Messiah meant identifying with those traditions. The hatred was deeply bitter, and those Gentiles were faced with embracing things that were associated only with those Jews, whom they despised. So, they crafted a way they thought would allow them to align themselves with that Gospel, but separate themselves from anything that smelled of the Jews.

Thus, christianity was birthed. The early christians abolished anything associated with the traditions and practices of the Jews, and altered the earliest manuscripts of scripture to reflect a Greco-Roman flavor rather than the foundational Jewishness it originally revealed.

They changed the names of Yahoshua’s disciples so they would not sound Hebrew, and they changed Messiah’s name as well—from that which Acts 4:12 actually states is the name by which we are saved (Yahoshua—Yah’s salvation) to one that associated Him with the god they had known as the supreme god of their paganism—Zeus. They called their messiah IESOUS (Yay-Zeus).

Problem is, all those traditions they abolished? They never belonged to the Jews, but to the Father. And, they are all about His Son, the true Messiah Yahoshua. And, His Sabbaths (weekly and feasts) are a sign between Yah and His true children—they are a family identification. There is actually no way to separate Yah’s traditions from the true Gospel, for it is ALL about His Son.

So, by stripping the faith of its foundations, and creating new ones by hijacking pagan traditions and renaming them, the early christians invented christianity, which is nothing but a counterfeit of the true faith. And, THAT is what is celebrated by christianity’s holydays.

THAT is the real reason for this season—a counterfeit messiah invented by a counterfeit of the faith. And, christianity calls its deity “jesus.” So, yes, “jesus” is the reason for this pagan season. BUT, the season has nothing to do with Messiah Yahoshua or His Father.

The Father’s Sabbaths are given as a sign between Him and His children, and they are not given to anybody else. They aren’t given to muslims, they aren’t given to buddhists, they aren’t given to atheists, and they aren’t given to christians. All of those religions have their own traditions that identify them with their belief systems. Christianity is no different. It is a belief system with its own traditions and practices that have nothing to do with the true Gospel of Messiah Yahoshua.

The real reason for this holyday season is rejection of the Father, rejection of the Son, and rejection of the truth. But, hey, let’s throw a bit of hatred into that mix, for those who speak the truth about these things are typically met with ridicule and derision for being “hateful” and “judgmental” about the fleshly pagan revelry enjoyed this time of year by most christians.

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