. . . and with it, all of its religions—every last one of them. That includes the one that was invented after the last of the New Testament writers had died, and was codified in the 4th century by pagan Jew-haters who called their new religion “christianity,” and eventually replaced the called-out assembly (qahal/ekklesia) in scripture with a man-centered, Romish body called the “church.”

Sadly, those who subscribe to one of the myriad flavors of that “spiritual” invention sincerely believe they have the truth, and many don’t even realize how much of the actual truth was stripped away when christianity was codified, nor how much paganism was added. So, blindly, they will vehemently defend what can be shown to be false, while condemning the truths of the Holy Spirit that threaten them because of their ignorance of them.

Because it has been many, many centuries, most people just accept what was invented by the “church fathers” as truth, and are usually too lazy and too fearful to do the little bit of research necessary to find the spiritual truth. And, rather than diligently seeking it, sometimes they will simply turn to the apologists of the counterfeit to reinforce their false security—“spiritual” experts who are actually in the same lost boat, but don’t realize it (they often go by “pastor,” or “teacher,” or “author”).

While it is a sad occupation to watch so many who daily deny the Holy Spirit’s truths in deference to the false doctrines of men they’ve been taught, it is what true believers are told to do. The Holy Spirit compels me to share His truths, but I can believe them for nobody else. Once His truths have been shared with you, that ball’s in your corner. I can only urge you to act wisely, and not according to the tenets of the religion you have been taught.

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