In Genesis 40, we see that Joseph had been sent into Egypt (a type of the world), and was being held captive because he was falsely accused of a crime.

Now, there were two other prisoners with him, but for his message ultimately to be delivered to Pharaoh, there only needed to be one other person with him. Why were there two there?

An innocent man with two others who were being punished for their wrongdoings. Hmmm . . .

Those two had dreams—and, what were their dreams about? One had a dream about bread, and the other’s dream was about wine. Sound familiar? Where else do we see bread and wine as symbols?

They were both told that their dreams would be fulfilled after three days.

Then, one of the prisoners was killed, and the other was saved.

Interesting, huh? Well, I am constantly running into so many different flavors of christianity, and some have more truth than others, but they are all built on foundations of error. I ran into one online recently. They have a website, and it is filled with various teachings, some true, some false. You see, Satan always uses some truth to spread his error—that’s how he deceives people.

Well, there are some groups that peddle a teaching that Luke’s account of the thief on the cross repenting of his unbelief and receiving salvation has been deviously inserted into the scriptures after the fact, and is not based on truth. He states this because the other Gospels don’t mention the thief’s repentance from unbelief to belief.

The four Gospels together provide different perspectives of the same truths, and there is no disagreement among them. That one writer includes something that the others do not include is not proof of error being inserted, but that, through the four, a more complete record is given.

And, if that false teacher’s website were the truth, then Genesis 40 bears no correlation of physical foreshadow and spiritual real substance. Genesis 40 presents a picture that was later fulfilled by Messiah Yahoshua.

Do not believe every teacher out there. Most are false in one way or another. The truths of the Holy Spirit will always align with ALL of scripture (the original languages in their proper contexts), and with ALL of the Father’s traditions. When the traditions are completely left out, you can pretty much bank on the teacher being false.

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