They are all names that men have either used or invented as counterfeits of true names.

Messiah’s name is יְהוֹשֻׁ֙עַ֙, and that is pronounced “Yahoshua.” It means “Yah’s salvation.” The Holy Spirit tells us that is Messiah’s name in Zechariah 3:1.

While “yeshua” is indeed a Hebrew name, it has never been Messiah’s name. It is a name that so-called “scholars” have deployed by working BACK from “jesus” to prove that IESOUS is somehow tied etymologically to Messiah’s true name.

They use all sorts of linguistic tricks and mental gymnastics to make the claim that the two names are equal (just different pronunciations of the same name)—BUT, “yeshua” was never His name to begin with. “Yeshua” means “he saves,” but does not specify WHO the HE is. And, with even that, there is no actual etymological relationship between “jesus” and either yeshua or yahoshua.

No, IESOUS was purely a Greco-Roman invention that the early christians/pagans invented to tie Messiah to their supreme god Zeus. It then morphed to IESUM in the Latin Vulgate, and then to IESUS in the KJV AV 1611. Then, after the letter J was invented in the 15th century, and became more widely used by a couple centuries later, the false name got changed to JESUS. It was religionists who later tried to tie that construction to the Hebrew name “yeshua,” even though there is no evidence that Messiah was ever contemporaneously called that to begin with.

All that manipulating never changed the fact that Messiah’s name is still יְהוֹשֻׁ֙עַ֙, and is still pronounced “Yahoshua,” and is the name at which every knee will bow one day (Phil. 2:10-11).

Likewise, the Creator’s name is told to us in Psalm 68:4. It is יהּ, and is pronounced “Yah.” We see His name in the word “halleluyah,” which means “praise Yah,” as “hallel” means “praise.” Throughout the OT, we see usage of YHWH, which is a self-reiterative, translated “I Am THAT I Am.” It is the self-existent name, and is pronounced “Yahweh.”

The ancient scribes created their own tradition that the Creator’s name was “too sacred to utter” (which has no basis in scripture or truth), so when they came to YHWH, they interspersed the title “adonai” in-between those letters as a signal to the reader not to say “Yahweh,” but to say “adonai” instead. Thus, they created the false name YaHuWaH, which is where the fake name “jehovah” comes from.

That misguided tradition of men is also where modern physical Jews derived the nonsense practice of omitting a vowel from the English title “God.” Yah’s name has never been “God,” so using “G-d” makes zero sense, and proves no extra respect or reverence. “God” is the English translation of the Hebrew “elohim,” which just means “god, or gods” (a title, not a name), and “G-d” is just a silly tradition of men.

The Creator is Yah, and His Son is Yahoshua. No linguistic wranglings of men can change that, and using false names, no matter how sincerely one uses them, still amounts to using false names.

If I really, really, really sincerely call you by a different name from your actual name, it would not change your name. It would just make me wrong about your name. Funny how men think they have so much authority over the Creator that using a false name for Him or His Son actually doesn’t matter because “He knows who we mean.” That’s just arrogant ignorance.

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