This is vitally important to understand. He who has ears, let him hear.

Knowing the prophetic calendar that is presented both in the scriptures and in the Father’s traditions, we see that Paul had previously spoken of the gathering of the bride in the air on the Feast of Trumpets in his first letter to the Thessalonians. Now, in 2 Thessalonians, he is laying out an entirety of what is going to happen after that.

He begins by stating that he is showing them the things that must happen before the Bridegroom and bride are eternally united (the New Jerusalem), which will not happen until after He comes to the earth in judgment, and after His millennial earthly reign. So, what Paul is laying out covers a 3000-year period, from Paul’s day to the end of the millennial reign (what scripture calls “the last days,” or the final three “days” of man’s time on earth).

He speaks of the antichrist being revealed (which happens immediately after the Holy Spirit, who indwells the bride as the New Covenant, is withdrawn from the earth). But, he says that, before even that happens, there must first be a “falling away,” or apostasy, which is a defection from the faith. Based on the major events he is describing, the falling away, then, has to be something huge.

So, what could that “falling away” be, in light of the 3000-year period he is laying out?

What belief system violated the Father’s traditions by rejecting His weekly Sabbath—choosing rather to honor the first day of the week, and by wholly abandoning the ordained feast days—adopting pagan counterfeits of those days (christ-mass, easter/ishtar, good friday, etc.)?

What movement took the assembly (ekklesia) out of their homes, and put it into pagan temples to meet together on the venerable day of the sun each week (a pagan observance)?

What set of beliefs was codified by man, and rejects the very path to salvation—the Passover—replacing it with lies about a fertility ritual Babylon called easter/ishtar?

What belief system, in an attempt to obscure the Messiah’s Jewish heritage, altered names in scripture, changing them to Greco-Roman substitutes?

What belief system was invented by which salvation was put under the authority of man’s decision, and the Holy Spirit made subservient to the will of man—teaching that He is directed into people because of their own declaration or choices, rather than by the will of the Father, and in His timing?

That “falling away” will actually culminate in its titular head being the false prophet, and openly confirming the Antichrist. That leader currently represents over 2.5 billion adherents on the planet, but will join forces with the second largest religion, Islam, to represent over half of the earth’s population.

Folks, the “falling away” already happened long ago when christianity was invented and codified in the fourth century. Paul, seeing a 3000-year period, saw that the falling away (christianity) would occur before the bride was removed, and that her removal will then immediately result in the son of perdition (Antichrist) being revealed.

The bride will be taken on the Feast of Trumpets, and it could be this year, or on that feast day sometime in the next few years, but it will be soon. There is no other falling away from the faith that will occur. The rejection of the foundations of the faith that occurred with the creation of christianity has influenced billions of people over the centuries, so without question, that is the major event Paul was shown by the Holy Spirit.

Christianity, the counterfeit of the true faith, is the “falling away” that Paul refers to in 2 Thessalonians 2:3.

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