There is a common dogma in christianity that is false, unless Christ is a liar. Many christians have been taught that, at the moment they made some sort of decision or prayed some prayer, and really, really meant it, and then started trying not to commit sins of the flesh, and also went to “church” at least some of the time, their decision had immediately placed the Holy Spirit into them.

Now, here’s a question: what has happened since then to prove to you that He is there? Do you base that belief on your human desires and endeavors, or your feelings about things? Is it based on something you have read in scripture or some other book? The rich young ruler lived an exemplary life according to the commandments. Was he saved because of it?

Here’s the rub, if you think you were saved at the moment you declared your belief (which is to repent of unbelief), then Messiah Yahoshua didn’t tell the truth. He said in Luke 8:13 that some will believe with all joy for awhile, but then fall away because they have no root (they never received the source of life). So, He clearly said that man’s belief alone is not salvation. It is only the beginning of the process.

So, if He said that merely coming to belief in Him, one could still fall away, and scripture also teaches that it is impossible for those who have been sealed by the Holy Spirit to fall away—at what point after coming to belief is someone given the Holy Spirit, which is eternal salvation?

And, then, the follow up: at what point after you came to belief in Him did YOU receive the Holy Spirit? Either man’s belief is salvation, and Messiah is a liar, or man is given the Holy Spirit at some point AFTER he comes to belief.

The question still remains. At what point after you came to belief were you made righteous, and eternally sealed by the Holy Spirit? And, how do you know? What is the evidence you were given of that?

If you have not been given the evidence (1 John 5:10—the word “witness” in the Greek is a word that means “evidence”), then what do you have to present at your judgment? It should be a fearful thing to consider if you have not actually been given that evidence to present.

And, if you were taught that you automatically received the Holy Spirit because of your decision, then you actually have nothing to present as evidence. What are you going to do—tell the Father He adopted you because your preacher told you so? That’s a scary thought.

And, oh, BTW, “I know that I know that I know that I know” is not considered evidence by the Father.

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