As king of Israel, Jehu did what Yah commanded him to do regarding the descendants of Ahab (he killed them all), and regarding the worship of Baal (he killed the worshipers and destroyed their sacred pillars). Because of that, Yah promised that his sons, to the fourth generation, would sit on Israel’s throne.

However, because Jehu embraced the “sin of Jereboam,” Yah began to take away the blessings of Israel, diminishing it as a nation. So, what was the “sin of Jereboam”?

Jereboam devised worship according to his own will, rather than Yah’s will. He incorporated golden calves as objects of divine worship, he changed the place of worship from Jerusalem to Bethel and Dan (because they were more convenient), he appointed priests from tribes other than Levi, and he changed the time of the Feast of Tabernacles to a month later.

So, in essence, Jereboam COUNTERFEITED the things that had been commanded by Yah, creating his own versions of them.

THAT is exactly what was accomplished in the fourth century by the pagans and Jew haters who invented christianity! They counterfeited the true faith by inventing their own deity (yay-zeus/jesus) who had both true divine attributes and false pagan ones. They changed the ordained days of Yah to pagan ones, and changed the place of assembling from believers’ homes to temples, which is where the pagans worshiped.

The sin of Jereboam was indeed a SIN, just as the sin of christianity is. It is man’s counterfeiting what Yah institutes and ordains. Matthew 7:21-23 is largely due to that sin.

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