What are you going to do when you find that the bride was taken, but you were not, because you thought that being born again meant that you prayed a prayer, or made a decision, or said you were accepting someone into your heart? What are you going to do when you learn that saying “I know that I know that I know” doesn’t actually mean that you know?

No, seriously. Have you considered what your next step is going to be? Will all hope be gone? No, any hope of being the bride, and ruling and reigning with the Lamb for eternity will be gone, but there is other hope for those who are not Messiah’s bride—there is still eternal life available.

You will, at that point, have an opportunity to be one of the friends of the bride, but, trust me, it’s going to be much more difficult for you, and you will have to endure to your death, for you will not be sealed eternally like the bride is, so you will have to endure in belief all the way until your death. The Holy Spirit seals the bride as the Covenant of marriage, and she will be gone–with the covenant in her. Eventually, you will not be able to purchase anything legally without taking the mark of the beast—not even food.

But, don’t worry, most of the friends of the bride won’t die by starvation. They will have their heads cut off first. The second Passover (Numbers 9) will still be available, but it will be a much more difficult physical road to walk. If you somehow manage to make it through the tribulation alive, and haven’t taken the mark or fought against Jerusalem, you would then go into the millennial reign—but, the odds of your doing that are astoundingly slim.

So, while I know the tendency is to defend vigorously what you think you know—what you’ve been taught by the “church,” and what you think you can successfully debate—this question is spiritual reality: what is your plan when what you thought saved you didn’t actually do that?

Literally. Seriously. What are you going to do when that happens?

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