Why are those in christianity so easily duped into thinking natural occurrences are prophetic signs?

It’s because they think “the details of the faith don’t matter.” When the details don’t matter, then EVERYTHING becomes prophetic if it “feels” prophetic to someone. However, if the details (that they don’t understand) do matter, then their religion is not truth, but a counterfeit of truth (because their religion abolished the details).

What did the apostle Paul recommend to keep from being swayed by false teachings and false prophecies? He told the Corinthians (1 Corinthians 11:2) and the Thessalonians (2 Thessalonians 2:15) to KEEP THE TRADITIONS he had taught them. What traditions are those? They are the Father’s traditions.

What are the Father’s traditions? They are those traditions the Father gives His children for instruction (Sabbaths, wedding traditions, temple ordinances and practices) as foreshadows of spiritual real substances.

And, why don’t most christians know those things? It’s because the Father’s traditions are what the inventors of christianity stripped from the true faith, making christianity a counterfeit of the one true faith; and that counterfeit’s myriad different flavors (denominations) currently deceive some 2.5 billion people on the planet.

That is why so many christians are duped by false teachers claiming that various natural events (eclipses, blood moons, earthquakes, hurricanes, etc.) are prophetic—it’s because the Father’s traditions reveal the true prophetic calendar, but those who are lost in christianity’s false teachings don’t know or understand the true prophetic calendar, because those truths are FOUND IN THE DETAILS that christianity abolished and replaced with paganism!

Those who KNOW the details know that there is no prophetic significance surrounding this solar eclipse or others (i.e., Joel 2:31), because those prophecies in the scriptures occur near the end of the tribulation, and the tribulation will not begin until AFTER Messiah’s bride has been fully removed from the earth and is taken to the wedding chamber on the Feast of Trumpets—which is the very next event to be fulfilled on the true prophetic calendar.

That’s why so many in christianity will declare things as having prophetic significance, but when asked “WHICH SPECIFIC PROPHECY IS IT IN THE SCRIPTURES?”, they cannot answer. Most often, such people are led by their feelings about spiritual-sounding things, but are quite ignorant of actual spiritual matters.

The details of the one true faith DO MATTER, but those who are lost in christianity’s false teachings typically argue against the details, and choose to remain spiritually ignorant. Sadly, for them, their ignorance is NOT bliss from an eternal perspective.

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