Since salvation is not a decision that man can make, but is wholly controlled and directed by the Father, and is completed by the giving of His Holy Spirit, man cannot “choose” to be saved.

Man can only choose to believe in and confess Messiah Yahoshua before others (the true Gospel), staying faithful (enduring) in that belief, at any and all cost, all the way to the saving of his soul (Hebrews 10:39).

And, for the bride, that is the point at which the covenant is received (the actual path to the bride’s salvation), which is the seal of the Holy Spirit upon Messiah’s bride; but, it is the Father alone who determines the giving of His covenant, by His will and in His time.

Thus, it is the Father who chooses to give His Holy Spirit to the members of the bride as the covenant of marriage to His Son. And, those in whom He places His Spirit are chosen by Him to receive that covenant. They have no power in and of themselves to receive it. They only receive it by the Father’s will, not their own.

Thus, those to whom the Father chooses to give His covenant are . . .


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