With spiritual understanding comes comprehension of the many physical foreshadows in scripture that portray intricate details of spiritual real substances that are later revealed.

The lack of such understanding is what causes many christians to mostly abhor the Old Testament. Now, will they actually admit their hostility toward the Old Testament? No, it will be couched in phrases like “well, that was Old Testament,” or “we’re not under the law” (when the law isn’t even being discussed—they hear things that sound Jewey to them, and, through ignorance, they immediately equate them with “the law”).

For many christians, their god is schizophrenic, as he was one way in the OT and a different way in the NT. For them, they lack knowledge of the physical details in the OT that are revealed as their spiritual real substances in the NT, and because of that, they fall easily for false interpretations and corrupted doctrines that literally negate the true meanings of those things that were foreshadowed in the OT and revealed in the NT.

One such area of truth concerns Y’isra-el and the Jews. Most christians see them as “Old Testament,” and many even think that there is a separate covenant given to the physical Jews, and they have a misplaced loyalty to a physical country the world calls Israel, thinking that its people are “the chosen ones,” not understanding that the ancient physical Jews were merely a representation the Father provided of His Son’s bride.

There is no alternate covenant with the physical Jews. The covenant indwells the bride, and that has nothing to do with anything physical.

Which brings us to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. What do they physically represent? Abraham, the father, was willing to offer his only begotten son to die as a sacrifice. Does that sound like someone else to you? Isaac willingly submitted to his father’s intention of sacrificing him. Sound familiar?

And, then, there is Jacob. Yah changed Jacob’s name (Ya’aqov), which means “supplanter,” to Y’isra-el, which means “rules as God.” We know that the Gospel of Yahoshua was first given to the physical Jews, but it was mostly rejected by them, and that the bride is made up mostly of physical Gentiles—those to whom the Gospel was given second (supplanting the first).

So, Abraham is a physical picture of the Father, who is Yah, Isaac is a physical picture of the Son, who is Yahoshua, and Jacob (Y’isra-el) is a physical picture of the Holy Spirit indwelling Messiah’s bride as the covenant of marriage. Y’isra-el, as Messiah’s bride, will rule and reign with Him for eternity as the wife of the King of heaven.

This is portrayed for us by the matzah tash in the Seder, which is a linen cloth with three pouches into which three loaves of unleavened bread are placed. The center loaf is removed and broken into two pieces. The larger of the two pieces is hidden in the house, and the smaller piece is put back into its pocket (showing that Messiah was more human than divine while He was here).

The matzah tash is a foreshadow of the New Jerusalem, which is the union of the Lamb and His bride indwelt by the Father, whose glory shines through the foundation of the sanctuary onto the new earth below it. The matzah tash shows us the Father, the Son, and the bride (indwelt by the Holy Spirit) dwelling together in the house of Yah—the New Jerusalem.

Those who struggle with false teachings concerning the three entities of the Godhead (elohim) should look to the truth shown in the physical representation of the matzah tash.

So, as Paul explains in Romans 2:29, the true Jews are people of any race or bloodline whose hearts have been circumcised (they are indwelt by the Holy Spirit), and they are Abraham’s true descendants (Galatians 3:28-29). And, as Paul taught in Romans 11, the physical Jews who rejected Messiah Yahoshua were CUT OFF from Y’isra-el, and anyone who is given the covenant (which was revealed on the Feast of Weeks–Acts 2) is grafted into Y’isra-el, Messiah’s bride.

As the real substance is always spiritual, and not physical, that means that those who have the Holy Spirit are the true Jews who comprise the true Y’isra-el.

Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob represent Yah, Yahoshua, and Y’isra-el.

Those who belong to Messiah according to Romans 8:9 (they have the Holy Spirit) are Jews by adoption (they received salvation from the Father), and by marriage (Messiah is a Jew, and His bride is a Jew by the indwelling covenant, who is the Holy Spirit, placed in them by the Father).

As christianity rejected the true faith, stripping away all its foundations and replacing them with paganism and traditions of men, one can choose to identify as a true Jew (which is to identify with the Father’s traditions—the family identification), or he can choose to identify with the counterfeit of the true faith, christianity.

Jew or christian? Child of Yah, or someone who is deceived by a counterfeit.

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