Within the whole of scripture are presented physical foreshadows that are later revealed as their spiritual real substances. The ancient Israelites are a foreshadow of Messiah’s bride, and their history recounted throughout the Old Testament presents pictures of things that pertain to the real substances they foreshadowed. The physical temple in Jerusalem, the priesthood, the ark of the covenant—all these things are physical representations of the bride.

There are words used in scripture that have two different meanings, depending on whether it is the physical foreshadow or the spiritual real substance. Y’isra-el, Jew, baptism, covenant—these are all things that are presented both as physical foreshadows and as spiritual real substances, but the spiritual is the actual substance—the physical just presents a picture, or shadow, of that real substance. The same word is used for both, but it is vital to understand whether the reference is to the physical, or to the spiritual, as they are two different things.

So, while the physical nation of “Y’isra-el” was comprised of physical Jews, the real substance is Messiah’s bride, whose name is “Y’isra-el,” and who is comprised of spiritual Jews—those described in Romans 2:29. They have been baptized by the Holy Spirit, which was foreshadowed by water baptism under the law of Moses. They have been given the spiritual covenant, which was foreshadowed by the physical covenant that was given at Mt. Sinai—the Ten Commandments. The fulfillment of that foreshadow is shown in Acts 2, which occurred seven Sabbaths plus one day after Messiah’s resurrection on the Feast of Firstfruits.

The invention of christianity was the “falling away” of 2 Thessalonians 2:3, stripping away the foundations of the faith and replacing them with paganism and humanism. The Father’s traditions were rejected because of intense hatred of the physical Jews, not understanding that those traditions didn’t belong to the Jewish people, but to the Father Himself—and, rejecting His traditions essentially rejects Him.

From the invention of christianity came the construct of the “church,” which is found nowhere in scripture. Christians often claim that “church” is the English translation of the Greek “ekklesia,” which is the equivalent of the Hebrew “qahal,” but that is a lie. “Church” bears no etymological relationship to ekklesia or qahal, but is actually derived from “Circe,” who was an ancient goddess—the daughter of the sun god.

So, the sun god’s daughter (circe/church) meets on the venerable day of the sun (1st day of the week), and celebrates holydays tied to sun worship (christ-mass and easter/ishtar), and rejects the true traditions of the Father.

Messiah’s bride is not the “church,” she is Y’isra-el—those who are true Jews in the Father’s eyes. The “church” is just a counterfeit of her.

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