For many centuries, biblical “scholars” have debated the two seemingly different accounts of creation that are found at the beginning of the Book of Genesis. Why would there be two accounts, one right after the other? And, why do they seem to be a bit different from each other?

The answer is “perspective.” Genesis 1:1 to 2:3 is written from the perspective of Elohim, the Creator (“Elohim” is the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit). Genesis 2:4 begins the account from man’s perspective.

Because the first chapter is written from His perspective, what do we know about Elohim (God), and His days? In Psalm 90:4 and 2 Peter 3:8 we are told that for Elohim, a day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as a day. So, what we read in Genesis 1 is based on Yah’s days, not man’s.

If one thinks he will glean the full meanings of the words in Genesis 1 by nothing but English translations of the scriptures, one would be grossly mistaken. We’re told that in the beginning, Elohim (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) created heaven and earth. So, the present heaven and earth were created at the same time.

In the second verse, we glean some clues about something very important. In the Hebrew, the word translated as “was” means “became,” or “to become.” So, the earth became something which is described in the English as “without form and void.” But, in the Hebrew, the actual words connote dread, terror, evil, sin, and ruin.

How did the earth become that way? Well, if Yah created the current heaven and earth at the same time, and in the account of the Garden of Eden, the serpent was already on hand, and we know that Satan was originally created as a chief among the angels, then Satan had to have rebelled sometime before the Garden account.

Thus, we must understand what this means in light of Yah’s days, and not man’s.

Let’s start with where we are right now. Before Adam sinned, he and Eve lived in Yah’s perfection, which means they were living according to Yah’s days. Man’s time began when Yah’s perfection was disturbed by man’s sin, and Adam and Eve were expelled from the garden. But, man’s sin did not change Yah’s days, it merely instituted man’s days.

Man’s time exists only in the physical world, not the spiritual world, which is why Peter reminded us that Yah’s days are equivalent to a thousand years of man’s days. Now, we know that there is going to be a 1000-year period that occurs right before the present heaven and earth are destroyed, and the final judgment of man takes place (Messiah’s millennial reign).

We also know that from Adam’s fall to Abraham was a period of 2000 years (2 “days”), and from Abraham to Messiah was another 2000 years (2 “days”). Messiah’s earthly reign being 1000 years (1 “day”), we can conclude that from Messiah’s earthly ministry (which ended around 31 AD) until His millennial reign on earth, will be 2000 years (2 “days”). The final three “days,” then, are what scripture calls “the last days.” They are the last three “days” of the “week.”

So, from Yah’s perspective, man’s time on the earth after the fall is one “week,” with the final “day” being the Sabbath (Messiah Yahoshua’s 1000-year earthly reign). But, what happened before man’s fall? Well, those days were in Yah’s time, not man’s.

The days of creation being in Yah’s time, they would have each been 1000 years according to man’s time (again, Psalm 90:4 and 2 Peter 3:8). Man being created on the sixth “day,” Adam and Eve were in the Garden on the seventh day, or the “Sabbath.” They lived in Yah’s perfection for 1000 years.

It was at the end of that 1000 years that Satan deceived Eve, who then tempted Adam. Where else do we see that exact thing happening? In Revelation 20:7-10, we see Satan unleashed at the end of the 1000 years (millennial reign) to deceive whomever he is able to deceive, just as he did with man at the end of that seventh “day” in the Garden.

IMPORTANT: THE GENESIS ACCOUNT OF SATAN DECEIVING ADAM AND EVE IS A PHYSICAL FORESHADOW OF THE END OF MESSIAH’S MILLENNIAL REIGN. Both occur right at the end of the seventh “day” (end of a 7000-year period), and both involve Satan deceiving man while man is living in Yah’s perfection.

So, we can see that at the present time, we are nearing the end of the sixth “day” of man on the earth, which will usher in the seventh day (Sabbath), and will be Messiah’s 1000-year earthly reign. Furthermore, the period of time before man’s time began was a “week” according to Yah’s “days,” or 7000 years.

But, we see in the Hebrew that the earth BECAME desolate, confused, evil, and ruinous BEFORE Elohim created light, the waters, our planetary system, plant life, the animals, and man. And, when man was in the Garden, Satan was already evil.

Of course we know that, in scripture, the number seven represents perfection. But, the number three also represents spiritual perfection, wholeness, and completeness. We can already see that the period of creation and the Garden was 7000 years, and man’s time on the earth is 7000 years.

Yah is the God of order. The numbers seven and three represent spiritual perfection, and the number three also represents wholeness and completeness. There being a period of time that had to exist before the creation account in Genesis, we can deduce that there was another period of 7000 years that preceded that account. It was during that period that Satan and the other angels rebelled, which made the earth BECOME desolate, ruinous, and evil.

Three periods of 7000 years. Perfection, completeness, and wholeness. And, we are quickly approaching the end of the sixth “day” of the third “week,” which will usher in the millennial reign of Messiah. After that, the present heaven and earth will be destroyed, a new heaven and earth will be created, and the final judgment of man will occur.

That will begin the eternal wedding feast (at which time, the bride will be revealed—Revelation 21:2, having been taken to the wedding chamber right before the tribulation, according to the wedding traditions).

Anyone who tells you that the weekly Sabbath has been ended is lying to you, for it has existed as part of Elohim’s plan since creation, and it represents the eternal rest that salvation brings for all who receive the Holy Spirit by belief in Messiah Yahoshua.

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