There is a common fallacy among christians whereby they place their bibles in the role and function that is supposed to be filled by the Holy Spirit. So much of the “church” falsely teaches, either expressly or by implication, that the Holy Spirit no longer communicates directly with Yah’s children in a literal way. It’s as if they believe that, somewhere along the line, He changed.

Because of that, most christians think their emotions and their personal beliefs are actually the Holy Spirit, and they equate their particular translations of the scriptures as the final arbiter of all spiritual truth. It’s as if they think that Yahoshua told His disciples, “But when IT, the KJV, comes, IT will guide you into all the truth (John 16:13 states what He actually said).

Because all scripture was given by inspiration of the Spirit (the original words that were actually penned by the writers), many christians think that means the words themselves are alive, or have power. But, there is no power in the words themselves—they are JUST WORDS. The power that lies in the scriptures is the instruction into their spiritual meanings that comes directly from the Author Himself.

And, since most christians have never actually heard anything from the Holy Spirit (because they don’t recognize or understand how He speaks to people), the only way they can believe themselves to be one of Yah’s children—saved—is to make their bibles their holy spirit.

Without the Holy Spirit, the scriptures are not only just words, their true meanings (spiritual) will not be understood (1 Corinthians 2:14). The disciples knew the physical words of scripture, because they were inspired in their native tongue, but they didn’t understand the spiritual meanings of those words until Luke 24:45, when the Spirit opened their eyes to those meanings.

This has resulted in most christians thinking they are saved because of words they have read in their translations of the scriptures, when those words are not alive, and were not even written to those who are not Yah’s children. They think the scriptures confirm their salvation because christianity really doesn’t teach how the Holy Spirit communicates literally with people, nor how He confirms to those who have believed in Messiah Yahoshua that they have been born again when they do receive the Spirit.

At any properly conducted legal proceeding, evidence must be presented before one’s guilt or innocence is decreed. Christians who think their bible confirms their salvation will have to present their translation of the scriptures at their judgment, since that is what they consider to be their evidence. Good luck with that one!

Those who have the Witness of 1 John 5:10 (a Greek word that means “evidence”) will not have to present anything themselves. They have an Advocate (defense attorney) in Messiah Yahoshua; and, the Holy Spirit, who is the Witness in them, will testify of the righteousness that has been imputed to them. They will be declared “NOT GUILTY.”

Those who do not have the Witness in them, but just have their bible (that they will not be able to sneak into their judgment) and their feelings as their evidence will have no Advocate and no Witness. So, they will have to justify themselves, and Yah hates self-justification. They are who we see in Matthew 7:21-23 trying to convince Messiah that He is supposed to be their advocate.

“DEPART FROM, I NEVER KNEW YOU,” is what they will hear.

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