To condemn Halloween but celebrate Christmas and Easter is gross hypocrisy, for all three were created by the same forces of darkness. One should either embrace them all as a pagan, or condemn them all, and honor the ordained days of the Father—His Sabbaths.

His Sabbaths are a shadow of THINGS THAT ARE TO COME; the pagan christian holydays are counterfeits of things past.

When I see christians posting nonsense about the Father’s Sabbaths either being ended at the cross, or only applying to the ancient physical Jews, they are merely demonstrating their own spiritual blindness—not knowing who the spiritual real substance of Y’isra-el actually is, or who comprises her.

The spiritual real substance of Y’isra-el is Messiah’s bride—those who are indwelt by the covenant, who is the Holy Spirit.

Spiritually, they are called “Jews,” as Messiah’s sacrifice revealed who the true Jew is. His Passover sacrifice abolished the separation and distinction between physical Jew and Gentile, and revealed that being a Jew is a spiritual status, which comes only by having the spiritual covenant—the seal of the Holy Spirit upon Messiah’s bride.

When christians post false teachings about the Sabbath no longer applying, they also show that they think Yah’s Sabbaths are only a one-day-a-week matter, and do not understand that His Sabbaths are an entire system comprised of the seventh day of each week, seven annual feast days, every seventh year, and then the Jubilee year, which comes after every seven Sabbath years (or, every 50 years).

To foolishly claim that the weekly Sabbath has been abolished is to claim that ALL of the Sabbaths have ended, which is pure heresy, as Paul clearly taught that the Sabbaths are a shadow of things TO COME (not things that have passed).

Every major prophetic event that is foretold will occur on one of Yah’s ordained annual Sabbaths (feasts). Christians don’t know them, so they don’t possess the truth about the coming things. That’s why christianity offers an entire smorgasbord of “end times” interpretations.

BUT, christians are usually correct in their assertion that the Sabbaths are not for them, as they are given as a sign ONLY to Yah’s true children. Christianity is a counterfeit of the true faith, and the true faith is held by the true people of Yah. His Sabbaths are not given to anybody else. So, when christians state that the Sabbaths don’t apply to them, they are most likely correct.

Messiah’s bride is Y’isra-el, and Y’isra-el is comprised of the true Jews (Romans 2:29, Galatians 3:28-29).

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