Some time ago, I picked up a new christian friend on FB—someone I knew nothing about, which is often the case. It became clear to me pretty quickly that this guy was hyperfocused on the fleshly sins of others, which is common in certain flavors of christianity, but he actually focused most all of his energy on one sin in particular—adultery.

Now, remember, like the democrats, those who accuse others of specific wrongdoing, are very often guilty of that very thing.

I noticed one day that he gleefully posted about how he had counseled a man, who has two children, and who confided in him that he was no longer physically attracted to his wife, but was very attracted to a young single girl. He said that, in asking about their history, he learned that the guy’s wife had been previously married.

So, he told the man that they were living in adultery, and that he should divorce her, and go have a “covenant” relationship with the young single girl he is attracted to—and that, then he could actually enjoy a covenant relationship, rather than living in adultery as he has been doing.

I was thinking, “Man this guy is certainly perverting the truth. How could he be so deceived about things?” And, then, a woman made a comment on his page that made the whole thing much clearer. As it turned out, this guy had been married to a woman who had previously been married, and after they had married, they had five children together. He, also, found a younger woman to whom he was attracted, so he decided that his WIFE had sinned, and that they were living in adultery, so he divorced her, and married the younger woman.

Trying to explain the truth to this guy was waste of time, as he would just come back with scriptures that he bastardized to justify his horrendous choices. But, he also had friends on his page who agreed with him (blind leading the blind), and most all of them cited 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 as meaning that those who commit adultery will be sent to hell. And, then, they define who is, and is not, committing adultery.

When the truth was attempted with them—the truth that the passage speaks of the kingdom of Yah (God), and not the kingdom of heaven—they declared that their KJV makes no distinction. Surprise! They’ve perverted an English translation of men to create their own little cult of rationalizing marital destruction to seek fleshly pleasure. Such blindness!

Many christians do the exact same thing, though, when it comes to other sins of the flesh, like homosexuality, or drunkenness. How many fiery preachers publicly declare that homos and drunks will not go to heaven because of those sins of the flesh? It’s the same spiritual ignorance produced by the blindness and deception confounding this guy and his friends.

Basing salvation on anything to do with the flesh is a false salvation, as sins of the flesh affect the eternal reward of those who have been made righteous—they NEVER determine eternal destiny.

Not understanding the difference between the kingdom of Yah (the bride, the New Jerusalem) and the kingdom of heaven (the new heaven and new earth in eternity) is the same false doctrine as thinking one’s English translation of the scriptures is “the word.”

It’s a tragic consequence of the false teachings that are so common in christianity—and, those who embrace such false beliefs are who we see in Matthew 7:21-23. It’s just sad, really.

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