I have had this one hundreds of times.

I ask a christian what it is that makes him think he is saved.

Christian responds with a verse or two of scripture.

I explain to christian that there is no scripture that can confirm to anybody that he is born again—that only the Holy Spirit can do that, and the Holy Spirit’s confirmation is direct, personal, and unique—He doesn’t do it in writing.

Christian then provides a few more scriptures to try to prove he’s saved.

I then point out that folks who lived before the advent of the printing press didn’t have books, and most couldn’t read anyway, so claiming that scripture is what confirms someone’s salvation essentially means that nobody before the printing press and published bibles could know they were born again.

Christian gives several more passages of scripture.

I let christian know that his name doesn’t appear in any of the scriptures he has used so far as his proof, and explain, once again, that scripture cannot confirm anybody’s salvation.

Christian either gives more scriptures, says that I am in a cult, says that nobody is to discern whether another person is saved (contrary to 1 John 4:1), or just blocks me and runs away.

This is what blindness and delusion look like, and I have been a part of this exact conversation literally hundreds of times.

If you think you are saved because of something the bible says, or because of something you’ve heard a preacher say, then you need to realize that neither of those things can confirm your salvation.

Seriously. You could post every verse in the bible, and that would not be evidence that you have received the covenant. And, if you have not received the covenant, then you are not born again. No exceptions.

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