We see it every year—christians making sappy memes that attempt to romanticize things to do with Messiah Yahoshua, whom they falsely call “jesus,” by attaching Him to their pagan christian holydays.

A popular one this time of year takes the words of the English translation of John 3:16, and by strategically placing those words in a meme, they highlight the letters that spell out “VALENTINE,” implying something about “love” and warm fuzzies, in relation to the Almighty.

First of all, “Valentine’s Day” is derived from paganism, just as all of christianity’s false holydays are. The Roman Catholic “church,” the mothership of christianity, hijacked pagan celebrations when the religion was invented, as they needed to have holydays, and their hatred of the Jews fueled their hatred of Yah’s ordained days—His Sabbaths (weekly and feasts). They had to replace those things they hated.

So, the “church” adopted the pagan day called Lupercalia, and merged it with its own fables and traditions to make it part of their christian calendar called “Valentine’s Day.” And, this is exactly what the “church” did to create ALL of its holydays in rebellion against the Father and His days.

But, here’s where we learn what Yah thinks of this churchian practice. The Third Commandment specifically forbids the taking of Yah’s name in vain. Now, what does that even mean? Christians falsely claim it means saying things like “god damn,” or “OMG.” Actually, that is nonsense, as the Almighty’s name is not “god” (even if it’s capitalized). The Father’s name is Yah (Psalm 68:4).

No, to “take His name in vain” in the original Hebrew means to attach Him to what is false, worthless, or idolatrous. It has nothing to do with speaking, but with practical matters, like celebrating false pagan rituals, and claiming those pagan things have something to do with Messiah. The pagan celebrations of christ-mass and easter/ishtar both take Messiah’s name in vain, as does the practice of assembling on the venerable day of the sun each week.

So, attaching the ridiculous notion of pagan sensual love, which is what Valentine’s Day is all about, to the agape love of the Father is not only absurd, it is offensive to those who actually know Him, and are indwelt by the Holy Spirit. But then, so are all the pagan holydays of christianity.

Christianity pretends to tout the Ten Commandments, not even understanding that it is a physical foreshadow of a spiritual real substance that was poured out on the Feast of Weeks (Acts 2), and to “keep the commandments” means to hold, or guard, or possess, the spiritual real substance of what the physical commandments represented—which is the Holy Spirit.

But, even beyond all that, christianity really only recognizes the last six of the commandments as valid, for it wholly rejects commandments 2, 3, and 4, which means that christianity flips the proverbial bird at commandment #1.

Christianity openly portrays images and statues it claims represent Messiah (#2), it clearly takes Messiah’s name in vain (#3, as explained herein), and it rejects Yah’s weekly Sabbath, choosing to assemble on the venerable day of the sun (#4). Those all being rebellion against the Father, there is no way christianity embraces the first commandment, which is to love Him above all else, and not put idols ahead of Him. Christianity is idol worship masquerading as truth. It is the counterfeit of the true faith, and is what scripture calls “Babylon” and “the falling away.”

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