One of the many differences between the “church” and the true ekklesia is the matter of who is a part of each of those bodies, and how that happens. In a “church,” one is made a “member” by his own declaration, much the same way that christianity teaches about its version of salvation—that it’s a declaration of man.

The Hebrew word “qahal” and the Greek word “ekklesia” are language equivalents—they both mean “called out assembly.” With the “church,” man decides to join, and is added by his own declaration that he is a member of the club (a “christian”). But, the “called out ones” are not so called because they called themselves out. There is but One who does the calling, and it is not man. When one is added to Yah’s assembly, it is by Yah, not by a person.

There was a physical covenant given at Mt. Sinai. Who was it that chose who would receive that covenant? Did the Israelites decide that they would receive it? Did they pray a prayer, and then claim they had the covenant? Did they ask the covenant to come into their hearts?

No, it was Yah who chose who would receive the covenant, and as such, He chose who would be His “qahal.” What happened at Mt. Sinai is a physical foreshadow of His called out assembly today, which is spiritual, not physical–those who are given the spiritual covenant.

It is man’s duty to believe in Yahoshua the Messiah and confess Him before men. It is Yah who decides that a person will be given the covenant. Man does not have the power or authority to add himself to Yah’s family. Only Yah can do that.

The “church” falsely teaches that all man has to do is make a decision, and that wields power over the Almighty—that it is man who makes the eternal judicial decree that he has been adopted. That is a lie from the very mind of Satan, and it has deluded and deceived countless millions of people.

Only Yah can add someone to His called out assembly. And, when one is so called, he is eternally sealed as a part of Messiah’s body—His bride. The “church” is a counterfeit of man, and its membership is derived wholly by man’s own declaration. No wonder we see those christians in Matthew 7:21-23.

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