It is very common, when speaking with christians about the Sabbaths, for a fierce dismissal to be made that “those things were under the law and only for the Jews. We are no longer under the law.” While such a sentiment is problematic on many levels, one of the primary errors is that the law and the Sabbaths are not the same thing, but two different things.

The predominant reason christians conflate the law and the Sabbaths is spiritual ignorance. We all fear what we do not understand, and rather than even trying to have a reasoned dialogue about it, christians will immediately try to shut it down with conflation, because they know they actually understand nothing about these truths, as their christianity didn’t teach them about such things.

I know what I’m talking about here, because I was once a christian, and I did the same thing—my eyes just glazed over whenever someone started talking about the Jewey stuff. My ears immediately closed.

So, in their minds, the safest way to save face in this discussion is to reject anything that existed prior to the New Testament as having nothing to do with them, and quickly dismiss such things, as if the Creator were some sort of schizophrenic fickle deity.

The Sabbaths are a lasting sign between the Father and His children. The Father’s ordained days belong to Him, and even though they were included WITHIN the law, to be observed by the Jews, they exist apart from the law, because they are Yah’s ordained days.

Within the law are mandates concerning food and sexual relations. Does that mean that eating and sex no longer exist because the law was fulfilled? No. Because those things exist apart from the law—but things ABOUT them were commanded within the law.

In Ezekiel 20, we see a clear distinction between “My laws AND My Sabbaths.” They are obviously not the same thing. Yah commanded things ABOUT His Sabbaths WITHIN the law, but the Sabbaths also exist apart from the law.

So, the Sabbaths not being the same thing as the law, and there being no scripture anywhere that states the Sabbaths have ever been stopped or changed (neither the weekly Sabbath nor the feasts), and knowing that the Sabbaths are all prophetic, why do you suppose that christians not only reject their observance, but often become almost rabidly hostile to the teaching of them?

Why is it that christians so openly and vehemently deny the very identification the Father has given to His children as a family sign? Why do christians run so quickly from those things they think sound “Jewey,” when Paul clearly taught that those who are indwelt by the Holy Spirit are the true Jews (Romans 2:29)?

And, just how spiritually deluded must one be to know that the Father ordained specific days for His children, but also think that He’s completely fine with other days that attempt to copy His days, and do so by adopting the holydays of pagans and their gods?

It is astounding just how deceived folks can be in their carnal notions of counterfeit godliness.

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