PASSOVER is the day Christ was crucified.
UNLEAVENED BREAD is when His sinless body was entombed.
FIRSTFRUITS is the day He rose again.
WEEKS is the day the New Covenant was given.

Does your pastor teach these things? Do you learn about these days in your “church”?

Now, there are three more feasts yet to be fulfilled: TRUMPETS, ATONEMENT, and TABERNACLES. Does your pastor teach those things? Do you learn about those days in your “church”?

Christian apologists who explain scripture through the prism of christianity actually attempt to describe the things of the Holy Spirit without the Holy Spirit. There is a lot of scripture that cannot be properly interpreted apart from the Father’s traditions (which include the Sabbaths, wedding traditions, and temple ordinances and practices).

That is why Paul told the Gentile converts to “stand fast and keep the traditions” he had taught them (2 Thessalonians 2:15). Christianity did exactly the opposite of what Paul said to do—it stripped the faith of those traditions.

You will not fully understand spiritual truth apart from understanding the traditions, and yet, the “church” blows them off. I challenge you to challenge your pastor. If he is not teaching the traditions, he is not teaching the truths of the Holy Spirit, for the Spirit’s truths always align perfectly with all of scripture (in its original languages and contexts), and with ALL of the Father’s traditions. Removing the Father’s traditions eliminates a compass by which to discern what is truth and what is error.

There is no redemption apart from the Passover, so then what salvation is your pastor teaching? Passover is “the preparation.” Do you even understand what that means? Why not?

If your pastor claims they are irrelevant, or were “ended at the cross,” or pertain only to the physical Jews in the OT, then you need to get far away from such a false teacher. Yes, I know you love your “church,” but, you need to love eternal life and the One who gives it more. And, any place that teaches purportedly spiritual things, but blows off the traditions, is leading you into the ditch with a counterfeit.

The things of the Holy Spirit cannot be understood apart from the Holy Spirit, and that is exactly what christianity attempts to do. The next feast day on the prophetic calendar will be fulfilled soon, probably within the next few years. Why isn’t your pastor teaching about that, and HOW to be prepared for its fulfillment? Speaking a bunch of christianese, and the false hope of a counterfeit, will not prepare you for what’s coming next, and soon.

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